Webmasters don't publish resource information with articles

Thu Dec 30, 2004 7:19 pm

Hi Everybody! :)

I hope you had a good Holiday.

I'd like to know what has been the
membership?s experience with
the resource box placed at the end of

These are some of my experiences:

(a) My article gets published without a
resource box.

(b) It gets published with the resource box
but only a text link. It was submitted to the
publisher with a html link.

(c) It's published with my name only and
no mention of my Website or a link of any

(d) One half of the times I've complained to
the particular Webmasters, they removed my
article rather than fix the resource box.
Of the half that decided to keep it, only one third
complied with my request. The other two thirds
have stonewalled by refusing to communicate.

All the mentioned Webmasters have been
approached in a private way since I know we
all make mistakes. They?ve been addressed in
a respectful way so as not to inflame any

It seems to me that writers get a raw deal
from article submission. The publishing
Webmasters grab your content without
taking the time to insure full compliance with
the article use agreement.

Is there a way to alleviate some of the
problems described?

Since 50% of publishing Webmasters delete
the article rather than comply with the
agreement; is there a way to keep it from
happening, in the first place?

I?m very concerned because my Website is
dedicated to Newbies that may not know how
to copy and paste a link.

What would be your approach?

Thank you!

Francisco Aloy
Francisco Aloy
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Fri Dec 31, 2004 2:56 am

I think there is another thread about filing a DMCA complaint (I believe Debs wrote some good advice) - do a search. Definitely, you should vigorously pursue those who violate your terms of service for publication. Strongly worded emails usually do the trick (there was a website with useful templates you can use; also, James Martell has a few templates in his updates section of his website accessible if you purchased his book).

However, I wouldn't generally stop your article distribution unless you're noticing ranking problems because of duplicate content. At the end of the day, it's all a matter of weighing the benefits vs the costs. If you only get 75% of the incoming links that you should have gotten, maybe that's still good business return. In the shopping business (e.g. Walmart), if there was not enough of shoplifting loss incurred, management would have to revamp security to ensure an acceptable amount of "loss." The rationale being that too low loss rates means too high security that turns off a certain percentage of honest shoppers who would otherwise purchase.

Good luck.
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Fri Dec 31, 2004 3:22 am

Hi Vancouver, :D

Very Interesting, Thanks!
Francisco Aloy
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Important wording for articles...

Sun Jan 09, 2005 6:54 pm

1) Most article banks that are web sites, tell folks not to use your article unless they use your resource box AND an active link.

2) Many ask you for your requirements.

3) Article banks that are email type, here is what I put on the top of the article. ...

Article reprint requirements:

? You may reprint this article, in it's entirety
in your ezine, magazine, newsletter, ebook or
on your web site.
? Include byline with active link.
? Courtesy copy of newsletter or URL is appreciated.
? Ask for changes you'd like made to the title, article or byline.
? Email Maria to be placed on her articles elist.
For ezine, magazine, newsletter, and web publishers.
Receive summaries and links to new articles quarterly.
? Contact info: Maria Marsala, Business Builder

Word Count: 281

Article Title


Resource Box

Learn more about Article Banks at http://www.ArticleBanks.com
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Sun Jan 09, 2005 7:43 pm

Hi Maria and all, :D

I thank you for your input.

The good advise you have offered is excellent
and I do implement most of it when I publish.

The article banks I post to all have article usage
agreements in plain view.

In spite of that, there is a fringe element that will
not abide by the agreement; no matter what.

Francisco Aloy
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