PPCs - Friend or Foe

Mon Jul 19, 2004 3:53 am

With all of the debate raging on SEO I have decided on a different approach that seems to be working rather well for me. I have come across a method of sending PPC traffic to my sites at a fraction of what other people our paying for their traffic.

For instance I setup a loan site and instead of trying to compete for keywords such as Home Equity Loans where the going cost per click can be $8 or more I have instead set my sites on the consumers that may need these loans. I developed a list of almost 275 keywords that allow me to pay around 10 cents a click with the highest at 30 cents a click. Granted I don't see a huge amount of traffic but the traffic I get helps me earn on an average of between $50-$80 a day from my affiliate programs and AdSense. I make that with an average cost of $5 a day on PPCs. I'll put those numbers up against anyone who is willing to pay $8 for just a click without any guarantee of making some money.

I know what I just described is generic in details but I'm hesitant to give away to much of my own information so I'll try and describe it a better way. Let's say I want to sell nutritional supplements instead of trying to compete in that high cost keyword category I instead pay for an ad that targets a lower costing keyword of raquetball players (I have no idea if the cost to run a PPC ad fits this example but I'll use it just to give you an idea of what I'm doing). I title my ad something like this:
Quickly Improve Your Raquetball Game Then I write a description saying how my nutritional supplement will improve their game. Again I may not get much traffic but the traffic I get should be willing to do 1 of 3 things when they come to my site. 1. Purchase something from an affiliate link that I have on my site. 2. Click on an adsense ad which hopefully pays better then what I spent to get the visitor there or finally 3. They leave my site without doing anything (Worse choice for me as I don't make any money).

I hope everyone can understand what I'm trying to explain. It's really nothing new. Rather then focus on a niche topic I focus on high payout topics and instead concentrate on a niche in terms of how to get traffic to my site for cheaper then anyone while still making a profit.

My next venture is to setup a debt relief site. I'll keep you posted on how it does. In terms of my loan site - It is less then 6 months old and will make about $1200 or more this month for less then $150 in advertising. All thanks to SBI, this forum and my friend the PPCs.

Thanks all for reading my rather long and short on details description of what is working for me.

Best of luck to you,

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Mon Jul 19, 2004 8:56 am

Yes, I have run into many people doing something like this. It's nice of you to provide such helpful details.

I've been toying with doing this with some of my Adsense Optimized (ie, the ads are hard to miss :P) pages, now that I make enough to be able to afford advertising. I may try this with one page I know gets higher paying ads and a few keywords on a trial basis. Thanks for sharing.
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