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Sat Jul 17, 2004 11:40 am

Welcome to the Affiliate Marketing Forum.

This is a friendly, helpful place to discuss affiliate programs and affiliate marketing. The discussion of MLMs is not appropriate.

Please register!
Guests are welcome to read posts. If you wish to take part in discussions, please register. Registering is free.

Please apply the following advice when using the forums and you'll find your visits worth while. We strongly recommend you click on "Profile" and make good use of the features in your profile.

Welcome Message
An automated welcome message is sent from Wally Morgan, the Forum Moderator, to all new members. If you have tight security blocking this, please disable the appropriate line of your profile

Challenge/response email systems
If you use a challenge/response email system and want to receive notifications when someone replies to one of your posts, please whitelist the following email address: wally AT
(A challenge/response system asks us to go to a web site and type in a word before you'll receive an email. Wally, our moderator, is too busy to do that, so if you want to receive emails, you'll need to make it easy for him. We won't send you spam. Promise!)

Managing your automatic log in:
When you leave the forum, DO NOT CLICK "log out". The log in should be automatic next time you open the page.

Search first:
DON'T ask questions which can be answered by using the search facility on this forum. Do a search first. Use the search function (it's at the top of the page) and browse around. Then ask questions based on the information you've researched.

TIP: When using the search function, search for posts, not topics. Try the search with "all words", not "any". You can also choose to restrict your search to a particular forum, and search for posts by a particular person. There's a lot of valuable information here. It's worth spending some time to find it.

How to avoid starting a new topic by mistake:
IMPORTANT: When replying to a message, make sure you click the Post Reply button. If you do this, your message will stay in the same topic.

Duplicate messages:
Don't post duplicate messages in different topics. Doing so fragments the discussion.

Look for an appropriate spot:
Please try to place your message in an appropriate topic or forum. Create a new topic only when none of the existing ones seems suitable.

Bad language:
Please refrain from coarse or aggressive language. Write in acceptable English sentences when possible. A friendly atmosphere with clear communication helps us all.

Disguised promotions: Are you being helpful or promoting something?
Before you post a message, ask yourself: "Am I writing this mainly to promote something, or is my main intention to help or inform?" If you're mainly promoting something, your post does NOT belong on this message board. This includes a product, a web page or site and even if you're just giving away a free report.

"The link is in my sig file":
If you write "See the link in my signature file" that's a clear warning to us that your main intention is self-promotional. Self-promotional posts do not belong on this forum.

Affiliate links:
If you want to use an affiliate link, a disguised affiliate link, a redirection link, or a referral coupon code, please place it in your signature file. Do NOT use affiliate links or redirection links anywhere else.

How to create signature:
To create a signature, register as a member and click on "Profile" at the top of the screen. Go down to the signature file box and insert your signature. The "BBCODE" link adjacent to the box may help. You can create a signature file of up to 300 characters that benefits you.

Graphics in posts
You may use graphics in posts IF they effectively illustrate a point. Please don't overdo this. We have to pay for the bandwidth - and we want pages to load fast.

No graphics in signatures:
To help pages load faster, please DON'T use graphics in signatures.

Email addresses:
Please DON'T write email addresses in your posts. They're an open invitation to spam robots.

How to avoid being accused of spam:
Please avoid URLs in your posts unless you also add helpful explanatory information. Why? Because an explanation helps people to decide whether they want to click on the link for more information. Obvious advertisements - and posts we're doubtful about - will be deleted.

Repeat offenders may be banned from the message board. We're friendly, helpful people here. We want to keep it that way.

Misuse of Private Message System
This forum has a private message system. You can click on PM under a post to send a private message to the author of the post. Members who misuse the PM system will be banned.

No Cookie Stuffing
Any forum member caught cookie stuffing will be banned. (Cookie stuffing sets a cookie without a user generated click. It steals commissions from affiliates who fairly generate clicks.)

You could forfeit your commissions
Spamming forums is really dumb. Spamming forums can get you thrown out of the affiliate program you're trying to promote. You're likely to forfeit any commissions you think you've earned.

Is it MLM?
In the affiliate industry, any program that has more than two tiers of commissions is generally regarded as multi-level marketing (MLM). We don't discuss free multi-tier programs, either.

Common sense
We're not going to create a rule for every possible occasion. Please use your common sense. For example, please don't clutter the forum with one-line posts which simply mean "I agree." Please add something useful.

Joining this message board is free.

Hope that helps.
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