Amazon dumps Minnesota affiliates

Sat Jun 22, 2013 6:11 am

Do you live in Minnesota? Bad luck!

Amazon is dumping all its affiliates in Minnesota, from July 1, because of a new state law that requires online retailers who have affiliates in Minnesota to collect sales taxes on items sold to Minnesota residents.

Source: ... 6dfc1.html

As you probably know, Amazon had already dumped its affiliates in other states because of state laws to collect online taxes.

Hundreds of other affiliates merchants are doing the same.

Affiliate Connie Arnold says 100 affiliate merchants will drop her because of the Minnesota law change.


The state sees sales moving online and argues that it's missing out on taxes. Amazon reckons the state law is unconstitutional and says there should be a federal solution, not different laws for each state. Meanwhile, affiliates are caught in the middle.

Affiliate Carrie Rocha of says she's planning to launch another site to try to compensate for the revenue she will lose.

Source: ... nline-sale

A group of Minnesota bloggers are threatening to move to Wisconsin.

Source: ... avoid-tax/

If you live in Minnesota, what are you going to do? Move to another state?

Apparently, when similar laws where introduced in other states, about a third of affiliates moved away.

Places you can't go to include California, North Carolina, Colorado, Connecticut, Arkansas, Illinois and Rhode Island, because they've enacted similar laws.
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