Can I Create Multiple Websites with One Domain Name?

Sun May 26, 2013 8:07 am

Hey, please tell me that can i create multiple websites with a single domain name?
Thanks in advance!
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Can I Create Multiple Websites with One Domain Name?

Wed May 29, 2013 8:19 am

A domain name is simply a name like "". You pay a domain name registrar an annual fee for the right to use that name. A website is, on the other hand, a set of documents placed on a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet. When you associate a domain name, like, with that set of documents, others can view them by simply using a web browser to go to that domain. For example, when you connect to using your browser, you end up on this website, and you can read articles that I make available here for others to read, like the one you're currently looking at.

You can do a lot of things when you buy a domain name of your own. For example, if you own a domain like "" (which you can't, since someone has already bought it), you can make "" point to a different website from (say) "". These names, "" and "", are just subdomains of the main "". That is, once you own the main domain, like, you can add any number of subdomains you want, and have them point to different websites. Alternatively, you can also have them point to the same website if that's what you prefer. For example, both and point to the same website.

To make subdomains on your website, you will need the cooperation of your web host. A web host is simply the company that owns the computer where you place your website. You need a web host because your own computer isn't permanently connected to the Internet. Even if it is (eg, because you never turn off your computer), your broadband provider will usually not allow you to host a website using that connection. There are also a number of other complications involved, so it's simplest to think of a web host as a necessity if you want to create your own website.

Many (if not all) commercial web hosts will let you create subdomains and associate them with a new website (or the same website). This may or may not involve the payment of a additional fee per subdomain; it varies from web host to web host. You do not however have to "buy" a subdomain; once you own the main domain, all its subdomains belong to you.

It's also possible to avoid using sub-domains entirely and still create multiple websites on a single domain. For example, if you own a domain like "", and you want each member of your family to have their own website on that domain, you can have each person create his/her website and place it in its own folder. So, for example, Tom may have his website in "" while Dick has his in "", and Harry in "". You can create any number of folders this way, each associated with a different website.
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Wed May 29, 2013 8:51 am


Beautiful but plagiarised!! Check out one of the source pages. Why couldn't you acknowledge it? › Domain Name Tutorials

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Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:45 pm

Yes, you can do it. Maybe even unlimited number of site, only disk space usually limit you. Just create them in sub folders or as an sub domains like: or :D
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Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:12 pm

No For Main Domain you can only develope one site, but using sub domains you can ceate many for example your domain name is you can create or using this technique you can create many website on a single domain
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