Affiliate Software Suggestion?

Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:35 pm

I need some help. Currently, I have a Cs-Cart Shopping cart software where I sell all of my products. I also have a number of promo sites setup to promote my products and encourage people to visit my cart to buy them.

My cart has a built in affiliate addon but it's pretty limited and I want something where I can have a separate affiliate site used to promote my products rather than addon directly attached to my site.

I want to do something similar to which is used to promote products distributed by "Leading Edge" including Kollagen Intensiv, an anti-aging cream. When people interested in selling Kollagen Intesiv they go to and create an account. SellHealth provides them with affiliate banners that send people to, their promo site which ultimately sends people to their shopping cart ( to make a purchase. Obviously, has a code at the order confirmation page of to verify all affiliate sales.

What are see now is software that offers an affiliate addon or module for a site, allowing people to push traffic to THAT same site. It's similar to what I have with my CS-Cart software.

I really want a way to push people to any particular shopping cart from anywhere I choose. More or less, this would be like my own personal Share-a-Sale site.

The only controls I would like is allowing certain affiliates to only see certain products. I don't know how I feel about every affiliate being able to access any product that I carry.

Sorry for being so specific, but I have spent all day searching forums for answers on this and I can't get a straight one. People seem to be confused about what I need.

I look forward to speaking with a few people and getting some suggestions from them. I'm eager to get started on this.

Thank you for your time!
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