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Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:42 am

Everyone have the same problem when start running their own online business, so do me. The problem has always be the traffics and also the conversion of traffics to become your subscriber or customer. Like I said, I face the same problem before. Especially at that time I was running out of money. So, I do like what most of the poor people do, looking for some free traffic generator.

The 1st traffic generator I tried was the I join as member, free one, submit my website link, and start to surf.

TrafficSwarm is a traffic exchange website, where you visit other site of other people to earn credit. The earned credit can then be use to advertise you website in TrafficSwarm. You can even purchase the credit.

Of cause, everything has their good and bad. TrafficSwarm also.

I had surf to about 3 hours and I gain enough credit to start Advertise my website in it. I decided to use that credit to make an text ads and advertised it.

Wanna see how was the result of my text ads? Here is it, click to view the screenshot: ... result.png

Look like not bad is it? Yes, Quite good for a free ads. But hold on! What is your purpose to get traffic? My purpose is to get them be my subscriber, be in my list! Then how was the result of list? How many of them subscribe in your list?

The answer is NONE! None of it enter his name and email to be my subscriber.

I’m not saying negative about TrafficSwarm. In fact, it is a good traffic exchange site.

But it’s not a good list building tool.
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