the "Best" traffic tactic

Sun Nov 13, 2011 3:41 am

If you want the very best, most targeted
traffic you can find, then follow this
"rule of thumb".

There are 3 primary types of traffic that
produce the web's largest pool of traffic.

I'm talking about traffic that you...

1. Buy

This includes ppc, ezines, other ads,
other "Pay per" traffic

2. Borrow

This comes from Joint Venture partners
and Affiliates, ad swaps, etc

3. Create

This is generated from your own content,
using your own subscriber list, article
marketing, blogging, etc

So which is the "best"?

The answer can be different depending on
one's goal/purpose/needs/budget.

However, based on personal experience,
the type of traffic that you Borrow is
without doubt the most powerful and

Why? Because you're attracting extremely
targeted, "endorsed" traffic. Plus it's
generated at zero cost to you.

It's "leveraged" traffic, meaning you
are leveraging other people's assets
time and effort.

I'm going to be talking more about this so be sure to keep an eye out...

Talk soon.
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