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Tue Nov 01, 2011 7:44 am


Im looking for some advice regarding moving from Shared to a VPS. We are a small UK based company with approx 30 client sites running on PHP and MySQL. Most of them are small "brochure" sites with low volume traffic although some are 500k visits a year.

We have had mixed experience with Shared packages and we would like to bring all of the sites into one place where we can control them more efficiently. After quite alot of research it seems that a VPS package would suit us...which brings me to the main question.

What are the pitfalls of moving to VPS from Shared packages? We have been looking at managed VPS with Plesk (which we have used before) 450GB Bandwidth, 512MB RAM, 30GB Disk,2 IPs etc over in the States.

Our developers are an intelligent bunch, keen and want more control over the server - mainly PHP and MySQL settings, additional modules etc. Im quite confident that we will be able to do this but I would really appreciate someone spelling out what level of competence and skillset is expected?

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