How To Get Listed In Next Blog For Blogspot?

Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:57 am

Hi, I have a bunch of blogs that used to get the majority of their traffic from google's "Next Blog" from the nav toolbar. It dropped one day, maybe because of duplicate content, maybe a new algorithm. I have some new blogs and they aren't getting listed either. One is indexed by google and about 10 days old. Still no Blog Search indexing, but I haven't done much backlinking, etc., only a digg article.

When I test "Next Blog" to figure out what's up it almost never displays blogs with ads, try it yourself if you wish, so I suspect that may be part of Google's algorithm. There are a lot of very new blogs that get listed, and it seems to link to blogs that have published recently, so posting frequency is a factor. I'm just guessing here, maybe some experienced posters know what's up? Any help appreciated.
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