1&1 blocking my IP address

Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:53 am

I recently created a web site, including a phpBB3 forum, on 1&1. Since then, 1&1 has blocked my IP address numerous times. I call them, they unblock the IP, and soon thereafter it's blocked again.

Each time they tell me that "it could be caused by multiple, simultaneous connections or by repeatedly entering incorrect user names and passwords." Unfortunately, I keep getting blocked when I have only 1 Internet Explorer connection up. Lately, it seems like the IP gets blocked whenever I navigate the phpBB3 forum that I've installed. For all I know, it's always happened after I started messing with the forum.

Does anyone know if there is something within phpBB3 that may be causing 1&1 to block my IP? These clowns apparently have no idea how to help me and the best they can do is unblock the IP. I've asked them several times "what's causing this" and "could it be my forum" and no one can give me answers.

Thank you in advance.
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