Monitoring with Dynamic DNS Support

Mon Oct 17, 2011 3:32 am

A casual reader of WHT would observe that there is no perfect hosting company. They will all at one time or another have either a performance issue or an outright outage.

I think there is a simple way to address this problem: upon detecting a failure route traffic to a secondary location. This is done typically through Dynamic DNS.

There a lot of monitoring companies out there and most of them - if not all - limit their function to sending out an alert. Well, that's not good enough for an HA solution. There needs to be a way to take actual automated remedy action upon failure detection.

I think the simplest possible action would be to update IP address of a host with a backup IP through dynamic DNS. My question then is: does any one know of a monitoring service that would support this?

If you think of a cost of adding another hosting account through a backup provider especially if they both use cPanel, its minimal. And yet you would have a HA solution that enterprise customers spend millions on.
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