unlimited hosting - do you believe in that?

Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:03 am

Do you believe in unlimited hosting which is provided by some reputable companies (hostgator, marblehost, etc.)?
Have you ever used it?
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Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:18 pm

I don't believe in the unlimited thing as it does not exists. There is nothing unlimited in this world, everything is limited. Most of the times people get their account suspended without intimation as they cross the some limit such as bandwidth. Hence, it is better to opt for a paid hosting plan having fixed resources.
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Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:27 pm

I will only believe this if you could lead me to one. Let me know of any leads if you have found any seriously. Thanks :)
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Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:26 am

“Unlimited hosting” is a marketing term. So, I don't believe in unlimited hosting. In cases of unlimited hosting. You don't get good Bandwidth on a website with unlimited space.
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Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:04 pm

I have heard many positive reviews of marblehost.com activity in the Internet.
And their free bonuses are nice in many ways, I have never seen the company offers low cost unlimited accounts with free things.
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Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:42 pm

I know sibername.net provides nice unlimited accounts on Linux and Windows platforms cheaply and reliably enough to be used with no doubts.
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Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:02 am

Unlimited hosting does not exist. There is forever a limit somewhere.
Ken Peterson
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Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:36 am

Yeah. I believe in unlimited hosting. I got ultimate hosting plan for my website at xnynz.com. Its providing unlimited hosting and bandwidth. It supports two platforms(Linux and Windows).
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Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:05 pm

it is just marketing trick, they will limit you. I rather like hosts which sets the limits and follow them. :idea:
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