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Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:41 pm

I am using Adwords to promote my landing page. My landing page was provided to me by the website I am promoting. I bought my own domain and hosting and thought this would be good enough for Adwords.

However, they sent an email saying I was breaking the guidelines by not using original content or something like that.

I'm not very good at making landing pages...Any suggestions?

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Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:54 pm

When it comes to marketing your website, the data you post needs to be relevant and it must be original. Plagiarism will get your ranking lowered or even banded.
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Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:54 am

Hello friend,

There has been a bit of discussion somewhere about it and it's quite important to discuss about.

Incorporation of the Landing pages should be into a fully functioned web site with lots of original content. Then, you can market with landing pages but the landing pages must be within the context of a full site. Some rules are to be followed:

Your landing page website should contain the following pages as standard:

1. Sitemap - this should be accessible from all pages of your site.
2. Privacy Policy - lots of resources on the web to create one of these, just Google “privacy policy”.
3. Terms and Conditions - as above, here is a good resource.
4. Contact Us - with full physical postal address and telephone number.
5. About Us - description of what the purpose of the website is and the business operating it, i.e. you.

OK now that you have these basic pages, consider adding these pages too:

1. News - add a page where you regularly update with newsworthy stories related to the niche you are promoting.
2. Blog - like a news page but you can also add editorial comments here and opinions.
3. How To or What Is Guide - pages/pages with detailed unique content describing the product/service you are promoting and how they work. I.e. if you have a coupon site then add some pages describing what coupons are and how they work, an idiots guide really.
4. FAQ’s - think of every question related to the product/service you are promoting then list them and answer them here.
5. Glossary - every industry has its own terminology, create an A-Z of industry specific jargon here and define it.
6. Deals/Offer pages - again everyone has specific deals and offers, so list the ones relevant to your product/service on their own page.
7. Individual product/pages - likewise the chances are that your product/service will have different components. I.e. a certain brand of credit card will have a gold card, platinum card, reward card etc. So build pages for each product containing very detailed information, more so that you would find on a traditional landing page.
8. Submit your review - offer your users the opportunity to submit their own product/reviews. Not only does this create stickiness but it gives you free content.

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Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:13 am

Being an affiliate and using Google Adwords is pretty tough these days - their whole Quality Score thing is a nightmare.

Here's a good post you should read:

Basically, Google wants "quality" sites to appear in the paid listings, so over time users will be more inclined to click those ads
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