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Sun Dec 19, 2010 9:41 pm

Sounds good, but I am not sure exactly how that is going to tie into making a profit for you.

I understand that you are planning on providing more content directly to them to reduce the bounce rate,

I came to the realization that people visit my site to 'check' or to see if there's any 'new info'. my bounce rate is 54%

I don't know what analytics program that you are using but I assume you verified that this is the bounce rate of returning customers? (I would think about them as customers in the end you want to sell them something).

Lots of pictures on your pages will probably slow down your load times, cost you ranking with google (it is now part of their algorithm), and actually increase the bounce rate. I am basing this off some testing of my own, Some of course may be super cool, but a lot is almost certainly going to cost you.

I would suggest if you are not already signed up on google's webmaster tools that you do so and take a look at the labs area for site performance. As you transition over you can also see how google rates your load times.

What I would do before I changed anything... Use Google's free Website Optimizer with 2 pages of your most popular content.

1) "New" page with the kind of look and feel your updated site will have.

2) "Old" with basically the same info sans pictures.

3) Drive traffic using PPC to see if your stick rates are higher or lower for different configurations, etc..

Key Thought

I really suggest that you think about your visitors as customers. I could be selling Blue Widgets but find from keyword analysis of visitors that they all want Red Widgets. I can try to sell them Blue Widgits all day long, but in the end it is a lot smarter to sell them Red Widgits.

Try going through the logs on your keywords and then try this little exercise.

Who is my customer?

Male or Female
Annual Income
anything else you think is relevant

After you finish take a look at quantcast to see what they say about your demographics. Change your picture if you need to or select a large subset that has money to spend.

Build up a picture in your mind of your that customer, give them a name and imagine them going to your site.

Look through your Keyword Logs again,

Ask yourself this question, "What is my customers end goal?"

Why are they spending their time to visit your site?

How does your site fit in to their goal?

What are you doing to help them to take the next step toward their goal?

How can you do more?

Are their more steps you can provide?

Finally when all that is out of the way you are ready to ask, how can I monetize that?

For instance

- DVD instruction manuals - will accept payment, drop ship materials you make for you. Or you can find an affiliate program, but I would suggest making your own product as it will make you a lot more money.

- Membership VIP site with special resources not available to those who do not pay you... I have heard that the wishlist wordpress plugin is good.

- Amazon also drop ships physical products and processes credit cards if you join seller central. Amazon takes all the risk on chargebacks etc.. I would definitely test this with an affiliate program first but if the demand is high, and charge backs low, it will be worth your time.

With the traffic that you have there will be a way to monetize, believe it, test it as cheaply as possible, (like with polls on your site), and do it.
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Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:58 am

I hate to sound like a broken record, and i appreciate your answer however I've been through most of your suggestions before. That's my issue. this isn't a new problem, this has been an ongoing issue.

As i stated before, i have posted the question on a number of forums, Allan was my last hope.

I'm actually doing the opposite to your suggestion however. My problem isn't load time. I use a lot of pictures on my site because i have to, however pictures are also what makes the most popular articles on my forum. the top 10 articles on both the blog and forum are those with the most pictures. it's the articles that get most clicks from search engines, so getting rid of pictures is not the solution.

I'm totally redesigning my forum to give more exposure to what's on the forum. If my bounce rate is 54% then it's obvious to me that people aren't exposed enough to what else is available.

however i don't take it too hard. majority of the sites i visit are one page hits for me as well.

i've had a look at the webmasters thing, and it doesn't really address my problems.

Requesting reconsideration of your site

Watch a video on why your site may not be appearing in search results and how to get it reconsidered.

This isn't my problem. I rank number 1 for a vast majority of searches. the worst i've seen my site rank is 7th. but for the most part ranking is not my problem.

it's like pulling teeth at times. as I've expressed before my problem is converting traffic into cash. it's not about getting the CT i'm getting plenty of CT's it's about getting them to actually buy.

the new forum give far better 'exposure' of what's going on in the rest of the forum, than my current forum. I can ad artivle and responses to picture files, there's a gallery and media section for people to explore, and that's constantly exposed. it'll be a combination of blog, forum, social and media networking ... site.
To see all our basketball videos, <a href="videos.html">click here</a> for the entire listing.

However, instead of the generic "click here," you could rewrite the anchor text more descriptively as:

Feel free to browse all of our <a href="videos.html">basketball videos</a>.

i done analysis like this (not only with links), but unfortunately some of the suggestions never really worked.

problem is that over 4 years i've acted on almost all suggestions, from auto-responders to promoting ... products that my target market might have inters in. so for example i'm dealing with counterfeit goods... so people who look for genuine tiffanys jewellery might also be interested in .... fashion!? never worked.

The most bitter pill to swallow is that i have one store, dealing with genuine products. I've splattered logo's written article after article about the store, yet people are still going to ebay or amazon. no one is buying from this genuine store.

so what are they coming to my site for? to see the pictures so that they can compare if their product is fake or not. And what are people buying? more fake products from my amazon and ebay analysis ...

I hope I don't sound too down on your advice. I'm hoping that rather than having a standard forum, that this new set-up will at least keep people looking around.

but most importantly and after being ripped off by my local car stereo shop (i don't deal with fake car stereo's) I've decided to start selling directly. because of the many sponsors i have, i'm going to start looking down the distribution avenue. also I'm going to look to setting up a shop, selling my own products. also i hope to set up some drop shipping arrangement with other companies.

I've avoided selling like the plague, however i need to move on from doing my part time university job of delivering pizza .... which i do love doing actually ...but my chosen subject is also my passion.

so after the forum ... refit, i'm going to set up my own shop and combine the two. like i said, i've made enough contacts over the last 4 years, so it should be interested.

i was always scared of fulfilment. i wanted to write articles rather than dealing with complaints all the time, but the time has come for me to start selling directly i think. i'd rather be at home running my own store, than sliding about the district delivering pizza in the snow, crashing into buses and everything (two colleagues wrote their cars off on Friday night).
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Selling Stuff

Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:29 pm

I think you'll find you like selling stuff. It is fun to see the packages going out the door.

I was reading something yesterday that made me think of you. The example being used wasthe difference between,

How to boil an egg


How to get rid of arm flab

(Travis bum marketing's example). The big difference is that one is pure info that does not require any more input or help once it is given. The other is a multi-step process of motivation, proper exercises, diet, etc...

Seeing if your Rolex is fake probably falls under the first "How to". If it is inscribed on the case with "Winner of Daytona" it is a fake, etc...

The good news is that you figured out something that does not work. Good luck on finding things that do, don't be surprised if the first few are not winners. I have been at this a long time and I still only bat 50 50 at best on a new product with a ton of market research and experience. Keep persisting

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Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:48 pm

I think, there is no way to earn $2000 with in 30 days.I have not itrest fast ways to earn money that are simple and work.
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Fri Mar 04, 2011 5:20 am

Here’s the part of the article you’ve been waiting for. I’ll go ahead and give a standard disclaimer: I’m not guaranteeing that if you follow this guide, you’ll make $2,000/month. First, this is a long process that I think few people are capable of actually staying committed to. Second, this number is an approximation. Some of you might only make $1,600/month after a year while others might pull in $2,400/month. It’s going to depend on lots of factors, but the most important one is your hard work (and mine too, of course).
You will need to create accounts in all three places.
Google AdSense
Amazon Affiliates
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Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:29 am

one of my friends told me that he can earn about $1500 per month by article writing. So, he can write about 20-30 article per day. I'm not sure about this thing. any one has experience about this. Does my friend tell lie me?
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Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:01 am

In fact, making money within 30 days is a peanut program that has a high paying and converts quickly. It all depends on your skills.
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Fri Jul 22, 2011 5:32 am

Any time you can get it done, even with a couple of calls, without building an online empire. Find the right program and right channels to reach their audiences, not just the most popular.
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Fri Aug 05, 2011 10:25 pm

BruceOWilli wrote:Any time you can get it done, even with a couple of calls, without building an online empire. Find the right program and right channels to reach their audiences, not just the most popular.

I agree with you. Also I'll add that I think focusing on Adsense is the worst method to accomplish this unless you have hella traffic. Instead, I would focus on a high paying CPA offer or offer a service that's hard to resist!
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