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Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:05 pm

Hello, I was reading the article here, "Is PPC dead for affiliate marketing?" by Jay Stockwell and I notice where he says (referring to Google Adwords):

"The biggest trick to getting amazing Quality Score is to break your campaigns down into tiny ad groups where the keyword perfectly matches the ad, and the ad perfectly matches the landing page. "

I'm wondering how you get the ad to perfectly match the landing page as a PPC marketer if you don't own the landing page? I guess that doesn't apply in that case, but the rest of his advice does.

By "tiny ad groups" I assume he means you could have a different ad for each keyword. For example if you're marketing an anti-anxiety program, you might have the keywords:

anxiety cure
cure for anxiety
natural cure for anxiety
cure for anxiety attack
cures for anxiety disorders
anxiety disorder cure

So you would literally create a different ad group for each keyword. Maybe cure for anxiety" and "natural cure for anxiety" could use one ad because they both contain the same phrase, but the others in my example would each want a separate ad, with the phrase in the headline and preferably in the ad text.
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Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:13 pm

Im off to give that a try, Google is driving me crazy lately. I cant get a good quality score on keywords and they match perfectly!! go figure...Im actually turning away from google, but they have about $80 of mine they wont let me spend. Im using that up then looking for alternatives.
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