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Tue Jan 05, 2010 5:24 pm

I was wondering if any experienced affiliates out there can offer me advice about this:

I recently made a large commission with (They offer wholesale personal care products and sell directly to hotels via their website, so I am pretty sure my sale - over $3,000 - went to a hotel vendor)

Well, the sale showed up in my stats, along with a commission amount. After about a month the commission disappeared in my stats, so I wrote in to Save Your World. This is a copy of the correspondence:


I recently made a sale at the start of the month (a rather large one I believe) and I saw the commission posted in my stats. Now, when I login to see my affiliate stats, the sale is still showing but the commission is no longer there. Why?

Thank You,
Ryan Jones

Save Your World, LLC said:

Dear Mr. Jones.

Thank you for your inquiry. The rather large sale that showed up under your account was in error and was corrected within a few days. This was an internal sale to our Direct Vendor for Hotel items processed by a new employee who inadvertently picked up your code. So unfortunately it was placed there in error. This was not even a web sale, it was internally processed.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.


Friends and Family at Save Your World


Now, does that sound fishy to anyone? Sure, it could have been an internal sale, but that's not saying the customer originally found Save Your World via my site, and then called in for an order. I should still be entitled to the commission, right? Is there some proof Save Your World can provide to validate this "error" made by a new employee? Does their explanation even make sense to anyone else?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I was so happy to see my commission and then have it taken away was very disappointing. Kind of like winning at a slot machine, only to have the casino manager say the machine made an error.... :(

Pleas Help!
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