Datafeedr: use one main site or many sites?

Wed Jan 14, 2009 12:42 am


In considering opening an affiliate site using Datafeedr with Wordpress, going with one main site and then adding stores under it certainly saves money in hosting, domain registration, Datafeedr store cost, etc. (Ex: the main site is and then the stores under it are and, etc. and subsequently This is especially a money saver if you want to have, say, 10 stores under

My question: What is the downside of using secondary sites under the main one? Is it that the search engines won't pick up the secondary sites as well? Perchance, is it a Datafeedr or Wordpress technical issue? Something else in theory?

The concept: promote the uber site and then expand the secondary sites to have their own domain if they start to do well. (Pointing the to the new site once it goes up.) Of course, going with separate sites for each product category from the start is possible, but that would be about quadruple the annual expense.

Thoughts appreciated!


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Sun Mar 29, 2009 6:19 am

If you are going to bring traffic via PPC or a large mailing list, anything is fine. If you are relying on SEO, then you have to solve the problem of datafeeds being duplicate content, thus the site will rank very low to be of any use.

Up to four years ago, i.e. before Google eliminated Thin Affiliate sites from the index, I had a super site with about 15 merchants in subdomains and in directories. I also had free-standing domains. I did not find there was an advantage of one over the other.
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Mon Jun 14, 2010 12:28 pm

Firt of with DatafeedR you start by paying a monthly fee. Straight away your tied into something you can't get out of or leave to mature for a few months without constantly paying.

A plugin like Easy CSV Importer is a larger purchase to start with but the service plus the fact that you don't need to worry about constant payments makes it far better.

ECI will update data if you setup your csv files for example to be put onto your service via ftp by your affiliate. The plugin will simply import the new data and replace the old.

I'm upgrading ECI weekly, version 1.3 was released today with Trade Doubler multiple categories in one column support. The plugin allows you to import data from your desktop if you know how to setup wordpress there and is working towards not only being a management tool for a network of blogs but a content re-writer so my buyers can start improving SEO.

There are test blogs and endless tutorial videos...

Check it out
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