Nothing Easy About EZAd Poster and Kevin Mesiab

Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:41 am

I tend to be a very understanding and patient person, almost to a fault. But, at this point, I'm [Inappropriate Language deleted - Moderator].

A while back, I purchased EZAd Poster and EZAd Suite at [URL deleted - Moderator]

The software seemed pretty decent at first, but then Craigslist began changing things and making it harder to market there. After all of the changes, the software was having a horrible time keeping up with the changes and eventually was very hard to manage and get any good results.

In fact, the changes made it so buyers of the software were now expected to buy "tokens" in order for it to work. That was never a part of the purchase and I would never had gotten it had I known it would come to that.

I can't fault the company for something that was to be a future happening, but I would expect a good number of people asking for refunds because of it now being a neccessity to buy tokens to make the software work.

I contacted the creator, Kevin Mesiab, and asked for a refund of my $100. After a few weeks wait, he got back to me and explained that because of the fraud existing with PayPal, he had to find other ways of doing his financing for the software and that he would get it to me soon.

I waited a while longer and emailed him again. He told me that he had my email address and promised to refund my money as soon as possible.

It's now been since early July and I have not received my promised refund.

Needless to say, ........... I have always been treated well by software vendors. After all, customers are their life blood.

With any online company, customer service should be #1 and refunds should be handled quickly and efficiently.

I will never recommend EZAd Suite to anyone and make sure that everyone knows the horrible service I've received.

Being an online marketer, I definitely have the means and know-how to get the word out.

I'm a really nice guy and it takes a lot to get me upset.

That being said, treat me well, I'm your biggest fan. ........................................

In my personal experience, avoid the company at all costs.

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Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:22 am

Please keep your cool when posting. URLs and inappropriate language need to be considered in the light of our Guidelines for messages.

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Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:42 pm

Sorry about that. A** in my circle isn't a problem.

My apologies.
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I have used Eazy Ad Poster Deluxe for 5 years!

Sat Oct 04, 2008 2:17 pm

I have used, trained, and built Marketing Systems for 5 years. I have mastered EAP,Adsoncraigs, Admasters, Craygo, and even Ad Pro and let me tell you one fact. Eazy Ad Poster is by far the best. However the software is only as good as the user. If you are no good at posting on Craigslist, how can your software you load and command do the right job. After all your data is what runs the system and keeps you from being ghosted and flagged by the CL Community. As for the captcha it cost Kevin from EAP, and even the owner from Admaster far more money to make the software compatible for image to text or captcha hawk, so be happy they had made such a future proof system. Eazy Ad poster has the cheapest and best deal with image to text which is .02 cents per captcha. You have no choice in this matter. The bottom line is be happy your 100LOL you spent is still updated and workable. This software works great and has made updates with Craigslist within 5 hours for the past 6 updates. I would say that is pretty darn good if you ask me. Craigslist makes me over 3000 a day. If you can't afford .02 cents per captcha for your advertising go to google adwords and pay 2.50 per click and come back a week later and tell me how that worked. Craigslist is great for organic FREE traffic. So lets stop all this sniffling and start marketing so you can make that 2 cents to post. As for the owner of EAP not refunding, I don't blame him. This isn't Applebees. Save refunds for places that care to hand them out. The system works you just can't upkeep it. If you are having problems reply to this and I can provide loading and training for your software bottomline, but there is a fee.

Have a Great Day!
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Sat Oct 04, 2008 3:04 pm

The lack of good customer service is the issue. Sorry you missed that.
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