Tue Jul 05, 2005 7:36 am

Lilokster, thanks for posting a great article. I wanted to add one more thing to watch out for, and that is that some survey companies will pay you only if you're a resident of the US. I am in Canada, and I tried doing an online paid survey once and found out they wouldn't pay me in Canada. I don't remember how far into the process I got before I learned this, but as I recall it took a lot of digging to find it. I was very disappointed and frustrated when I did finally find it, but glad I went looking before I had gone any further with it (I had a hunch). This was a long time ago and I've avoided all online paid survey offers since then because I assumed that most of them don't want to get involved with paying someone out-of-country, and I'd rather not waste my time hunting for the fine print that spells that out. So my point is that it's wise to read the fine print first, if you're going to give it a try.

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Fri Jul 15, 2005 11:39 pm

You are right. Alot of the paid survey companies are only in the USA. But there are lots that are available in Canada, U.K.,Australia, and worldwide.
Actually most of the listings on wahmservice.com say what countries they are available in.
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Sat Jul 16, 2005 6:23 am

Thanks for mentioning that lilokster. I might check some of them out then. :)

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Mon Jun 12, 2006 6:06 pm

Here are some good paid surveys tips:

Initially, accept every online paid survey opportunity.
The idea here is to establish yourself as a reliable survey worker. Established, proven survey takers get more of the higher-dollar surveys. Once you have a track record and are getting the number of high dollar surveys you desire, then you can 'pick and choose' which surveys to answer.

Use a free software program to automate filling out forms. These programs are great for signing up with multiple paid survey companies quickly. Many forms can be filled with one 'click', saving lots of time and typing. One of the most popular is RoboForm.

Setup a separate email address. This should be used only for your survey business. You will be receiving a large number of paid survey opportunities daily, and it will be much easier if they're separated from your 'regular' email. Accidently deleting a $25 survey might not make you angry .. deleting a $75 one probably will.

Keep records of your paychecks. Depending upon the law in your area, you will probably be considered an independent consultant for tax purposes. This means the IRS will be expecting you to pay taxes on your paid survey income. Keep a log of all your paychecks in case you have to pay taxes on it. All expenses associated with your paid survey business are normally tax deductible, including any subscription fees. Please check with a tax consultant for the laws in your area.
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Online surveys

Mon Dec 22, 2008 4:58 am

Many online services offer a powerful mailing system that helps us to send and track email invitations to our surveys. Alternativelly, we can just place a link anywhere on the web to our survey.


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