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If the price is good for a hosting plan and it says unlimited is that good or does it depend on what your site is for? I have some tell me its okay and others tell me its really bad when a hoster says this.
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Tue Jul 15, 2008 8:22 pm

I have been selling unlimited bandwidth for 3 or 4 years. Those that don't say it's all a gimmick. And it's true, it's not totally unlimited. It's actually "unmetered". There are no restrictions, no limits as to your use. You will never be shut off partway through a month (as I have been in the past) or be billed for "excessive bandwidth use".

Technically, they can go on all day, but the fact is that from the user's standpoint they have no concerns about bandwidth usage.

The same is true with my server space. Unlimited. But, I do start everyone off with a specific amount of space. Most of my business is hosting shopping carts for online retailers. I give them a 200 MB account, with the understanding that I will expand that if they need it.

Even large shopping carts use less than 100 MB, even with thousands of images. I've never had to expand storage for any of my shopping cart clients. Actually, I could give them 10 GB, or more, but why? Looks good on the sales website, but not needed.

I do have other clients, just tripled the space for an attorney who had only been with me 6 months and had maxed out a 10 GB site. Same price, just gave him what he needed.

All of that stuff is so cheap there is no need for limits. No one, except Google, etc. is going to use it. Not any small business, anyhow.

I started building computers in the early 1990's. A 40 MB, yes 40 MB, hard drive was $ 40. A couple of years later, a 340 MB hard drive was $ 325 or so. Then a bit later, a 560 MB was $ 525.

Now, you can get 100 times that for less. Except for serious gamers and graphics folks, it's almost impossible to max out a hard drive. So it's not a problem offering "unlimited".

The "old line" guys, the ones who have had clients for years and want to hold them to deals they made 5 years ago will tell you there is no such thing.

Believe me, there is. I've been doing it for years. Never had a complaint, never billed anyone for additional storage or bandwidth.
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