Sun Aug 10, 2003 11:51 am

I would like to alert members of the Forum to an ongoing problem I have had with the WriteABookNow.com program.

In February 2001, I took a free course on book writing, and joined the affiliate program. I began promoting the course, and in early March 2001, two sales appeared in my account- both with the same name. I immediately wrote to the owner, Steve Manning, suggesting that the sale may have been 'doubled up'. Except for standard emails he sent out to affiliates, I heard nothing back.

After a number of months, the commission shown on my affiliate report hadn't been paid. I wrote again. I heard nothing back.

I've now written a total of 6-7 times, pursuing my commission, each with nil response.

I recently noticed one of the most respected Marketers on the web promoting the course. No, not Allan Gardyne- he's ANOTHER 'most respected marketer'! I sent a detailed cataloging of the problem, and the emails involved- which have always been respectful, and assumed inefficiency, not dishonesty. The thoughtful and sympathetic response I received included "I'm convinced Steve is honest-- but he has had some real problems."

I then sent a copy of the my email to the Marketer and their response, to Mr. Manning. It was sent to his personal email address, and copied to three other address. Above the correspondence I wrote...


There are about 6 balls in your court.


No response since July 18.

Two and a half years on, and after 6-7 emails sent and copied to about 5 email addresses, the problem remains unresolved. The amounts still show on my affiliate report, but have never been paid.

Any suggestions about how to get an apparently honest businessperson, with an excellent product, to just 'do the right thing', and pay up?

John Payne

P.S. The fact that Allan Gardyne has promoted the product also leads me to believe that honesty is not the issue- just inefficiency. It's not just the money. It's an affront to good business practice, and the affiliate marketing industry which relies so much on credibility.

P.P.S. Allan. Get well!
John Payne
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Mon Aug 11, 2003 5:44 am

Uh, if it has been two years, you can probaby forget about it. How much are we talking about anyway?

Mon Aug 11, 2003 9:34 am

The amount is a bit under $200. Not a fortune, but it would come in handy!

You're right that having gone on two years, it doesn't look too promising. However, the business is still operating, and the amount is still showing on my Affilliate Account.

I hope that airing the issue will result in a positive outcome for me, and that posting this information will be of assisitance to others. Raising the issue is as much a matter of principle, as principal!

Thanks for your interest, 'Guest'.
John Payne
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Your commissions!

Tue Aug 12, 2003 8:10 am

Hi John!

No! Don't "forget about it!"

Blatant inefficiencies! Lots of reasons, no excuses. Send me your paypal account email and I'll have two commissions in your hands first thing this morning. Failing that, a check will be couriered to you for arrival before noon on Wednesday if you're in North America. A little longer if you're not on that continent.
Cheers, and with sincere apologies,
Steve Manning
Steve Manning

Tue Aug 12, 2003 9:58 pm


Out of frustration, I made public the problem I had.

Out of fairness, I want to thank you for the promptness with which you've now resolved the problem. I've been advised by PayPal that the full amount has been deposited in my account.

As I've said to you in a private email, I've believed in your product from the start- being one of the first 100 affiliates who joined you.

My thanks to this Forum for helping me resolve this problem. I can only wish that everyone who comes here with a problem gets it fixed so promptly.

John Payne
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Sun May 20, 2007 10:44 am

Amazing... Mr. Manning of www.writeabooknow.com!

Look at the dates on all the referenced Complaint posts; realize it is now 2007.

Mr. Manning continues his practice of non-response... apparently UNTIL one begins to put pressure on!

After NUMEROUS emails to Mr. Manning myself, and after his continued practice of no response, I decided to jerk HIM around a little!

I wrote an email to Mr. Manning and told him, "No need to send my commission check as I've taken the liberty of 'borrowing' your website copy and have made some very nice gains. Thanks!"

Boy! Did I get an immediate response then!

Of course, he stated the 'check was in the mail'(musta got lost somewhere as I have yet to receive!)

Now, think about this: The commission owed is small like the other posters in this forum BUT how MANY are actually owed commissions in the great internet 'abyss'?... Think about THOSE numbers!

BTW: Mr. Manning will hopefully be in some serious trouble as I've taken it upon myself to contact the Canadian Provincial Police in his home town of Ontario Canada; I've contacted his webhost: www.rogers.com; and I continue to investigate sources to utilize that will shut this idiot off!

Bottom line?.... After reading the posters in this forum, it's ironic and really, really STUPID of Mr. Manning to conduct business the way he continues to do so (starting in 2001?) as the information he provides is honestly some quality stuff!.... Perhaps he needs to hire some help?

[Inappropriate language deleted - Moderator] as I had been cultivating my lists for some time prior to this, and had some 200 purchasers ready to buy into Mr. Manning programs-- and at almost $90 commission per sale that's what around $18,000 lost potential??
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