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Mon Dec 17, 2007 8:17 am

I'm here because of Allan. One day I was reading one of the many, many emails that land in my in box daily. You know the ones - all those newsletters that one subscribes to with the intention of reading one day to apply the techniques...

Buried in one of Allan's newsletters was a little ad for Smart Money Websites. It was so appealing that I bought the program and was online within 30 minutes.

Well, have been feverishly working my three sites for 7 weeks now and I have made a princely sum of $0.00.

Since that day I have created 6 new email addresses, maybe 30 new folders and continue every single day to get distracted from my primary task. Today I saw a video from Ewen Chia who extolled the virtues of concentrating on ONE thing and doing it right.

This summer break I am going to create a business and marketing plan. I will read one guide (Affiliate Project X - Chris McNeeney) and apply it to the letter.

When I return from my summer break, luckily financed by my folks in Hervey Bay (they live there, we will stay there) I will follow my plan. My step by step plan. In my experience as a business coach I encourage my clients to plan, plan, plan. If I am not prepared to do this myself then I am going out of business.

I'm not done yet!
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