DateApp not paying commissions

Thu Oct 04, 2007 1:23 am

I have been an affiliate with DateApp (a whilte label dating service affiliate program) and have yet to receive payment for any commissions in 2007. This totals more than US$800.00.
The phone number on their website is answered by sopmeone not involved with the company (so she says) and of the two numbers that are listed, the second is just a typo.
I have not received any replies to my emails except for when I also CC'd my emails to a variety of affiliate website owners and affilate magazine editors.
The DateApp owner, John Cataldi, told me that my DateApp affiliate account has more than 30% chargebacks (people asking for refunds on their credit cards) which is a number highly suspect.
I have been in the affiliate business since 1998, mostly dating services, and have NEVER heard of such a high refund percentage.
Does anyone have any troubles also with DateApp? Can you suggest other white label dating affilioate programs to use?
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