Adsense in Wordpress?

Tue Aug 07, 2007 6:02 am

How would I go about putting adsense ads into my wordpress blog? Would it be better to just do a blogger blog instead?

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Thu Aug 09, 2007 1:23 am

I think you have to have either a plug in for it or be able to add it to source code of the wordpress blog.

Blogger lets you add it in source code and they can add it for you. Your better off adding it yourself on blogger so you can pout it where you want.
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Wed Aug 29, 2007 7:45 pm

In theory, wordpress do not allow placing adwords at all, at least for the hosted version.
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Thu Aug 30, 2007 7:01 am

Wordpress does allow Google Adsense. You can check for the templates ready for Adsense. Even the plugins may help you to get adsense on the wordpress blogs.
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Mon Sep 03, 2007 10:47 am

If you have your own hosting and domain, you can install the free wordpress software on your website. - the hosted solution does not allow you to have any advertisements.
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Mon Sep 03, 2007 1:54 pm

Just searched in GOOGLE, there are many adsense ready 4 column wordpress themes. You can check one of them.
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Sat Apr 05, 2008 5:53 pm

To place adsense into your wordpress blog there are a variety of ways you can go about doing it, the easiest way is to use a plug-in... here is a list of plugins, but be warned I've not tested any of them out for this, just gave them a quick overview because I don't use plugins for my Adsense and I'll show you exactly how you can avoid the plug-ins while gaining more control over the placements of your adsense ads in your blog.

10 Best Wordpress Plugins for Google Adsense
( ... e-adsense/)

Now onto doing it manually and retaining your flexability. Grab PSPad or some other sort of PHP editor, then if you would like your adsense ads displayed 3 times on your main page, open up your index.php theme file and add the following just before this bit of code:

<?php the_content(__('<strong>Read more...</strong>')); ?>
Now that might very a little bit but just look for the <?php the_content ?> or <?php content ?>. Now make a new line just before that and place the following html in it.

<div style="float:right;margin:3px;">YOUR ADSENSE CODE GOES HERE</div>
There now if your using square adsense blocks (ONLY USE THE SQUARE ADSENSE BLOCKS HERE NOT THE SKYSCRAPERS OR LONG BANNERS) you will see your ads inline with your article text with the first 3 posts on your main page. (Only 3 because thats what Google limits you with).

If you only want a skyscraper ad in your sidebar and the square banners in your text on your index page then my biggest suggestion is the next part and ONLY the next part.

Instead of placing the above code in your index.php file, place it in your page.php file (Standard templates should have both files), both files are almost exactly the same except for a comments call or function definition, just find the <?php content ?> part and one line above that place the div tags and your adsense code between them.

Once you've done that the adsense blocks will appear only on your article pages and not your index page, they will also appear inline with your text and be placed at the top right of each article.

Now open up your sidebar.php file and find an empty space, something that is outside of any <h> tags, you might have to play around with it to make it work if your a complete newbie but one pointer to keep in mind is the higher you place the code in your sidebar the higher it will appear in your page, the lower, the lower it will appear on your sidebar.

Now use the WIDE SKYSCRAPER that adsense provides (most sidebars handle this just perfect) and when you've found a spot to put your code do something like this:

<center>YOUR ADSENSE CODE HERE</center>
That will center your ads in your sidebar and it just cleans it up a little bit, now you've got a square block inline with your text and sidebar ads for each and every article, the sidebar ads will also display on your main index page as well as your article page, if you don't want your sidebar ads to display on your main page then you'll have to tweak your code to look like this.

<?php if ( !is_home() || !is_page() ) { ?>
<center>YOUR ADSENSE CODE HERE</center>

That bit of code is not tested but it should work and that will make sure your sidebar ads are only displayed in your article and not on your main page but if you want your sidebar ads displayed on your main page and not your article page then just do this:

<?php if ( is_home() || is_page() ) { ?>
<center>YOUR ADSENSE CODE HERE</center>

Done and done, now if you just want your ads to display in certain posts and not in every post then when you're writing the post simply click on the CODE tab and insert your adsense code and then click back on the other tab and keep on writing, but if you do this make sure your not using technique one or two.

Using adsense on any blog will very depending on the type of traffic your pushing to that blog, for instance if your getting more web savvy users to that blog then they will know what adsense ads are and they will know you make money from them, which usually means less clicks for you, if your blog is focused towards this type of traffic I suggest you go with affiliate offers instead of using adsense.

But if your readers are not all that web savvy and you want to try out adsense then your going to have to continually test which ad blocks work the best with your site, the number one rule to using adsense on your blog though is to have them blend in with the content, the highest CTR ad blocks are the 336x280 Large Rectangles, 300x250 Regular rectangles, and the 468x60 banners, some might be saying well no your wrong the 336x280 are the best, this again all depends on what your blog looks like.
(open for debate really)
For instance if your blog content is only 400px wide then you don't want to use the 336x280 ad block because for the first 280px you'll be taking up more then half your content, this draws the user away from what your writing and makes them feel pressured into clicking something they might now want to click on. My personal rule of thumb with blogs is if you've got an inline ad block, don't make it larger then half your text,
if that adblock is a 300x250 block, however the 336x280 block is too large for how wide the text is in the blog, it might not seem that way because its only another 36px but by going that extra little bit your cutting out your content, you want to make the user feel like they're in control while only influencing them to make the click, if they feel pressured chances are you'll loose out, so try not to go bigger then half the size of your content with your inline ad blocks.

Now we move onto the half way mark of your article where you can now place the 468x60 ad block on the page, you want to place this half way just in case the reader looses interest half way down the page, if the 468x60 ad block won't fit nicely across your content (Use it as a divider) then go with the half banner.

Thats a few things about placement, now we can talk about not over using adsense ads, as you may or may not know the more ad blocks you use the less money per click you'll get, Google will only ever show 3 ad blocks on one page at a time, so its suggested you don't use all 3 on that page, you find the most optimal or the two most optimal CTR spots on your site and again this takes time and monitoring to find out exactly where the high CTR spots are on your blog.

I don't have any recommendations on a particular adsense tracking tool but there are a lot out there which tell you where the user clicked, what ad they clicked on, and some other crap that you can use to tweak your ads with, you can also read up on adsense targeting which means that if you wrap the following code around the text you want then the ads should be better related to that article.
Section Targeting
<!-- google_ad_section_start -->

<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

Or you can use the following code to exclude certain parts of your blog that you don't wish to be used as ad targeting, for instance your sidebar elements might want to be wrapped with.

<!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->
<!-- google_ad_section_end(weight=ignore) -->

I find however that the adsense ads are targeted more based upon the keywords in your URL over some parts of your page but thats only what I have observed with my own sites.

The last thing now is called Smart Pricing, which means if your blog is not filled with decent unique content you'll get nothing at all per click, it also means that if Google does not think your site will convert for the advertiser then you'll get less per click, how do you beat out smart pricing, well there is no solid answer other then to get creative and start writing things that could convert better for the advertiser or increase your traffic from the browsing type to the buying type but if you go that route then dont use adsense at all and sell your affiliate products, you'll make a lot more.

That should get most people started with using adsense on their blogs and sites, let me know if anyone has any more questions for this thread.
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Sun Apr 20, 2008 4:19 am

With wordpress you can add adsense the following methods, adsense code directly in the template file or you can choose an adsense wordpress plugin such as:

* Adsense Deluxe
* Adsense Injection
* Adsense Inline
* Shylock Adsense WordPress plugin
* Adsense Beautifier
* AdRotator Wordpress Plugin
* Adsense Earnings Wordpress Plugin
* AdSense Manager
* AdSense Sharing Revenue and Earnings System
* Author Adsense Wordpress Plugin
* Author Adsense MU Plugin
* Google Ad Wrap

Hope this helps.
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Adsense on wordpress

Sat Jan 17, 2009 3:28 pm

Can anyone tell me how can I add adsense code on wordpress.
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Re: Adsense on wordpress

Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:42 am

yogindernath wrote:Can anyone tell me how can I add adsense code on wordpress.

If you read the above replies carefully, you will
notice that there are 2 ways how you can do so.

One is through using the plugins. Another one is by
adding the Adsense code into your blog's template.
This is what I did. I'm not using plugins for this.
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