Is this allowed?

Tue May 15, 2007 9:57 am

I saw one company who sells software on clickbank advertise their product (via Adwords) at a discounted price if they pay directly through paypal.

This does not sound fair, from both an affiliate and buyers perspective. I personally bought the product at the full price.

Does anyone know if this is allowed?

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Wed May 16, 2007 1:00 am

I don't know any rule against it, but it's certainly unfair to affiliates. As an affiliate, I reckon you have every right to complain to the vendor.

Who's the vendor?
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Mon May 21, 2007 10:38 pm

I suppose it depends on whether you agree with standard prices, or not. In many markets, resellers, retailers and other sellers are free to set their own prices for a given manufacturers range of products.

At the end of the day, any company using PPC to promote their own products has another huge advantage over their affiliates... they can afford to bid more because of the higher profit margins they have.

I mention this to just try and make the point that there are various ways in which merchants can outgun their affiliates. It often comes down to whether a company decides to actively compete against affiliates, rather than how they do it.

The price difference is just more transparent.

Perhaps they see Adwords and Clickbank as two very different marketing channels - tending not to overlap much.

Just a thought,
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Sat Jan 02, 2010 4:36 am

There is no such rules or guidelines to stop it. You can always lodge a complain to the vendor
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Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:18 am

Any vendor who wants to build up a strong and reliable affiliate sales force would be foolish to actively undercut them by using such tactics.

While there maybe no "rule" against it, following that path is very short-sighted.

If you are an affiliate for their product and it is a good fit for your website/email list then if you are making sales, you have every right to complain to them.

If you have an alternative product that you could use instead then you could mention that an suggest that you may switch if he under-cuts your efforts.

Affiliate sales do not come free, you either buy them with money (PPC) or time and energy. That investment should earn its reward without being undercut by the vendor.

The vendor should concentrate of getting more affiliates and helping existing ones to sell more product.

One way a vendor can attract more affiliates is to use free promotion on marketplace analysis sites such as CB Super Analyzer.

The vendor can get a place right in front of all visitors in the "Pick of the Day" spot, and it doesn't cost a cent.

If your vendor keeps up this practice you might want to find alternative products to sell to your niche.

A quick, easy way to find profitable products is to use the "CB Super Analyzer" tool ( just Google it ).

You can select all the main criteria to filter out products that don't interest you.

All the best,

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Thu Mar 11, 2010 8:28 pm

You are flooding the Board with this post (with variations!) and this is a 2007 topic!!!

Please, just a topic in isolation would have been enough.

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Sat Sep 10, 2011 9:56 am

I think it is a loophole that has not been covered. Ethically speaking, it is not good. But if it is still happening, then I guess such situation has been overlooked.
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