1800Patches.com seems to be out of business

Tue Apr 17, 2007 7:52 pm

I've been a longtime affiliate of 1800patches.com, selling nicotine patches and gum.

Late last year, they switched to an in-house affiliate program and I stopped getting my affiliate checks.

I contacted their affiliate manager and she said "For some reason, your account was not automatically generating an invoice. We have fixed that now. Your invoice will be generated on April 1st and turned in to our Accounts Payable department no later than April 5th."

Well, it's now April 17 and no check. Also, when I try logging into the affiliate center, I get a script error. So I tried to call her on the phone, but got a fast busy signal. I then tried to call 1-800-patches (their order number) and the phone doesn't answer. It just clicks a couple times and disconnects. This makes me wonder if they are going out of business.

So, looks like I may be out a few hundred bucks.

Anyone have any info about 1800patches.com?

5/22/07 Update: The site is no longer reachable. Instead it forwards to a Network Solutions page. Looks like they are done.
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