Alstrasoft's AutoresponderPro

Tue Mar 20, 2007 7:10 am

Anyone ever use (buy) Alstrasoft's AutoresponderPro?

If you look at their sales page, you would think it was a great piece of software, but BUYER BEWARE. I wish I had read more reviews before I bought it. I can't find any good reviews after doing a Google search.

They have the nerve to compare it with and, but it can't even handle a double opt in set up. There are many flaws in the script. 404 errors abound! There is NO User Guide, Tutorial, or FAQ. You are supposed to come up with these for your customer yourself! You are left completely "in the blind" after you buy it. Support is poor and only seems to respond to the questions they want to answer. The minute you mention the word "refund", they stop answering your emails.

BUYER BEWARE! STAY AWAY from this script at all cost!

Jim Guinn
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