internet program feedback plse and here's a couple of my own

Fri Dec 29, 2006 11:04 pm

Below is a list of sites I'd sure appreciate feedback about:
[URLs deleted - Moderator]

Here's my feedback on a couple based on my personal experience:
I paid the $6 and didn't hear back from my contact '[email protected]'
I paid $500. (five hundred dollars) to Carl Pearson the owner of to join his
DollarMonster program. Absolutely no results, no refund, no help. He sold DollarMonster to a different party. When I asked to put my money towards other of his programs, his email response: 'Where will the money come from?"
promises to make each signup $100000 in four months or less. I paid the signup and now, can't log in.

I truly look forward to your response(s).
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