What host do you recommend?

Wed Dec 06, 2006 11:04 pm


I have been searching for a while for a good host, but there are soo many these days it is hard to choose.

I was wondering if people could give me information on the host they use and what makes them different to other hosts!

Thanks alot guys!
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Thu Dec 07, 2006 2:06 pm

I use Host4profit for most of my sites now. They cost $24.95 a monthy for your first site and $5 a month for every new one you add after that. Easy to use, great service, little if any down time, and a great IM forum similar to this one for advice on various internet marketing topics.
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Fri Dec 08, 2006 8:14 pm

I use the Ultimate Marketing Center, and Host Gator.

The support at the Ultimate Marketing Center is incredible, and it's much more than a simple web hosting.
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Sat Dec 09, 2006 12:35 pm

Hostgator is who I host all my sites with, they have been excellent, only ever had one problem and it was fixed within a few hours when I contacted them.

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Sat Dec 09, 2006 1:58 pm

I was using godaddy but as of late I have been using fastnext.com
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Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:13 pm

1&1 is the cheapest you can get
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Mon Dec 11, 2006 7:52 pm

Eef, Thanks for the recommendation. Please don't include referral or tracking links in your posts. It's against our forum guidelines.
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Wed Dec 13, 2006 8:53 pm

I recommend www.electrispace.com

Both affordable and very user friendly. :wink:
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Fri Dec 15, 2006 1:14 pm

I recommend www.dayanahost.com

very good hosting!
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The best webhosting

Wed Dec 20, 2006 8:16 pm

hi there, in my opinion one of the best web host companies is ixwebhosting.com. the reason why i like them so much is because they have a service called live chat in which you chat with them 24/7. so if you encounter any problems with them u can chat with them immediately and they wil help solve the problem for u. i highly recommend them as they are who i use.
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Fri Jan 12, 2007 11:58 am

Most of the host providers are offering 24x7 Live chat these days, this is not something unique, however it is important to check their reliability and market reputation before you sign up. You may wish to check also few more processors as below;

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Fri Jan 12, 2007 7:26 pm

I've been with www.wirenine.com for about year and half I think, they have been excellent! The support is amazing, and the servers are fast!!! :)
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Sat Jan 13, 2007 5:21 am

Host Gator without question. Service is second to none from my experiences.

1&1 is good for $5.99 dot com domains and I use them for that, but their hosting service was horrible when I had a couple of sites with them last summer.

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Sat Jan 13, 2007 1:11 pm

Why dont you try finding one in a web hosting directoy. Betahosts.com is a good directory where you can choose from budget hosting to linux or windows ecc.. you can compare providers and plans, read their reviews and ratings. there are some articles available aswell that can help you choose the best host for your website.
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Sat Jan 13, 2007 2:34 pm

I see a lot og advices here, and that's ok.

I want to add that your Web Hosting is a really important choice.

Price shouldn't be your first concern. You want to know what's in the web hosting package first, and for that, you need to know what you want to do with your site?

Do you want to use html, php...

You don't want to be limited by your web hosting provider.
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