The Gold Changer, Now AtmKard

Tue Sep 26, 2006 3:25 pm

BEWARE! I purchased a Card on the Platinum Level in TGC. Received my card and funded it for later use. then TGC sold their Company to AtmKard where I was supposed to purchase the program again. I did, for I did not want to lose the funds already deposited on my Virtual Money Card.
During the change over of Companies, I tried to withdraw my funds from my Card, only to discover the card was never funded.
I called Virtual Money, spoke to their fraud team and learned they had a host of complaints against BOTH Companies. The TGC site is down now but Atmkard site is still up. However, anyone who did business previously with TGC or Atmkard cannot log in.
Bottom Line: Steer clear of Atmkard!!! From the e-mails I have received concerning my 'lost'funds it seems TGC 'bought' out themselves.
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