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Mon Jul 10, 2006 9:42 am

I have been doing some commenting on blog lately not to spam the but to create some special bond with the bloggers. However there are times that I really can't do away with attaching links to my comment using the anchor text <a href="...

Well I don't know what happened really but after viewing the source code for such blog I found out that the tag rel=no follow i automatically added. From research I have known that this tag adds little value to the PR of the owner of the linked added.

But Aaron Wall said: If you don't trust the content of a site then why link to it at all? To list it on your own site and then put nofollow on it is to say that you don't trust your own content. Which is especially stupid. And perhaps the quickest way to become irrelevant, if you are an editorial listing company.

Which is which guys? Should I quit my present task?
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