Some questions of how does it work

Sat May 20, 2006 6:16 am

Hi, i was wondering if someone could answer some (actually, they are a lot :oops: ) questions i have:

How Does it Work? Do i need some kind of skill? How much time does it takes to create a site and start getting extra income? How much can i earn per month? Who pays me? Do i need extra money besides of buying JM Method's Ebook?

-How Does a Keyword web works/means?

This last question is a little lol :oops: i know, i know...but i live in Uruguay and we here speak spanish, that is why i have some wrong wrintings & pronunciations :( i might have written something wrong on some questions but if someone could answer them i would really appreciate it. :roll: Thank You!
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Sat May 20, 2006 12:56 pm

If you're looking for an introduction to affiliate marketing, try clicking the FAQ Help link in the right-hand column of this page.
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Sat May 20, 2006 4:54 pm

Thank you, That responded some of my questions :D , but not all :( i still dont know how James Martinells Method Work. All i know is how associateprograms work... unless what your trying to tell me is that this site is from JM.. :?
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Thu May 25, 2006 1:45 pm

chriscapu wrote:Thank you, That responded some of my questions :D , but not all :( i still dont know how James Martinells Method Work. All i know is how associateprograms work... unless what your trying to tell me is that this site is from JM.. :?

You'll have to buy James' book to learn how his methods work... :roll:
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Sat Aug 26, 2006 9:52 pm

Hi Chriscapu,

Here is my explanation of how it works and what it will cost you.

First, here is a quick story that James told one of his children when he/she asked 'how does it work'. James teaches you how to become a publisher. Think about your local newspaper. How does that work? Well, people pick up the paper to read all the articles and editorals and some people read the ads. So, without interesting content for people to read, a newspaper is pretty much useless. No one would be interested in reading it or discussing what they read and spreading the word. But the hidden part of the newspaper business is advertising. Splattered all throughout a newspaper is advertising ... and it is usually targetted to what the articles are. For example, in the sports section you will see ads related to sports. That is how a publishing business works. Great content brings lots of readers and that allows the publisher to place advertising to generate income.

In James's manual, you will learn all the nuts and bolts on how to setup a web site that is modelled on this newspaper business analogy.

This is the extra stuff that you need:

1. Motivation - this is a lonely road to walk somedays. You have to stay focused on your goals and have the vision and patience to see this through. If you are looking for get rich quick ... then don't buy James's manual.

2. Money for hosting your website. You will need approximately $50 for a nice template for your site, $10 for the domain (the costs $10 per year on average), $5 to $20 a month for hosting your web site, and finally, software to build your site (between free and hundreds).

These bits are absolutely required. If you do not have HTML skills, no problem. As long as you can use a word processor, you should be able to get going. You know what, even if you have no skills, you can learn it. I know of one person who knew nothing about computers and in less than 6 months was able to make web pages ... just by getting books from the library.

3. Articles need to be written so you have to decide who will do that. Can you do it yourself or will you hire someone? James suggests that you write the first 100-300 articles yourself so that you can teach someone else how to do that. You can hire people to write articles for $5 each once you are ready.

Summary of the cost:
1. Your time to get educated .. free but it is your time.
2. $50 for a nice web site template. This is optional if you have HTML skills already.
3. $5-$20 per month for hosting your web site.
4. $0-$199 for web page development software.
5. Articles - $0 to $5 each depending on who writes them. To give you some limits, most web sites are between 100 and 300 articles in size.

To make a web site depends on your skill level, dedication and a bunch of other factors. I would suggest a goal of 2 months for the first one and then 1 month for the second one IF you are writing them yourself. If you hire people to write articles, you can have 100 articles written in a week (that takes some skill to manage though).

How much can you earn? From $0 to thousands per month. It depends on the topic you chose and a bunch of other factors. I suggest making a target that each site averages $5 per day. For some topics this is a stretch and for others it is easy. For your first site, I would strongly suggest you NOT focus on the money but only on the process of making the site.

Who pays you? Good question. Remember the newspaper story. The ads are placed on your site by Google (their program is called Google Adsense .. search for it and you can read a lot about it). In addition, you can sell other peoples products .. James will teach you that in the manual.

As far as English is concerned, I could read your post no problem and I had no idea that English was not your first language. In addition, if you wanted, you could follow all of James's strategy but just build the web site in Spanish.

Hopefully that helps you make your decision.
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