BEWARE of Justin Blake

Fri May 05, 2006 1:28 am

Justin Blake and Chris Ryder are currently promoting an affiliate program with the catch phrase "make $1057 every month"

I got sucked into this story and signed up for $47 with a monthly payment of $47 thereafter.

When I received the download I realised that all this was a scheme to promote their website , get people to join and I'd receive a commission.

If I sold 30 - 40 /mth I'd make $1057!

I immediately replied to them that I did not want to flog a membership site and asked for an immediate refund.

Dianne thought this was rude and berated me for several emails. Realising I was getting nowhere I apologised and she informed me that a refund was done.

I'm still waiting. After quering this with her, she now tells me that I'm not getting a refund. This is inspite of their site offering "an iron clad guarantee" and you can cancel at any time statement.

Several times I've asked for phone numbers etc but they won't respond.

BEWARE of promoters who don't supply phone numbers.

I've contacted Visa and lodged a complaint but feel others should be warned about this operator.

These are my experiences and others should make their own judgement based on their own research.

I personally will never do business with Justin Blake again.
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Fri May 05, 2006 11:44 pm

I've put in a support ticket to see if I can get a comment from Justin or Chris.

For the phone number, I did a whois search and found:

Created on: 14-Jun-05
Expires on: 14-Jun-07
Last Updated on: 26-Mar-06

Administrative Contact:
Blake, Justin [Email address deleted]
4157 Lakeview Trail
Traverse City, Michigan 49686
United States
(231) 946-9429

They're not hiding this information.
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Tue May 09, 2006 10:45 pm

I've received a reply from Justin Blake's assistant, Diane Sullivan. Diane tried to sign up for a forum membership and failed, for some unknown reason. She says:

Thank you Mr. Gardyne for granting us the opportunity to tell our side of the story.

Here are the first two messages I received from Mr. Reed:

Date: 2006-04-13 05:22:51
Name: Greg Reed
E-mail: [Email address deleted.]
IP: [IP address deleted.]


I don't want to flog memberships.

This is crap.


Date: 2006-04-13 06:00:57
Name: Greg Reed



My response was that I don't answer rude messages. He apologised and continued to insist on a refund based on the fact that he believes our site is just a way to "flog memberships".

We offer two different memberships: Basic and Pro.
Basic is a recurring charge of $47/month. It includes:
1. training on what is counted as SPAM and what is legal advertising;
2. Banner Ads, Pre Written Solo Ads, Classified Ads, (all written by world reknown sales copy writer Jo Han Mok) and instructions on how to effectively advertise by using Ezines, Newsletters, and other online resources. We *clearly* state several times in the members area that all of the previous can be used and followed as an example of how to promote *any* website successfully. We also state that promoting our website is an option as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of residual commission based programs in the world.;
3. Directions and resources for finding advertising for *their* niche, with the goal of finding real advertising as opposed to ads with companies who claim your ad will be seen by millions when really there is no chance of making sales;
4. A support ticket system available to our members seven days a week for all of their coaching needs and account issues.

Pro membership includes the above along with a six month eCourse on building your own business from the ground up, including an eBook that teaches how to find a niche market, create a product, create and find good JV partners, write sales copy, solo ads, develop good customer support, etc.

Members are not at all required to try our affiliate program. In fact, we also write custom solo ads, classifieds, and banners for anyone that desires to promote a program other than ours. Ours is only available to those people who do not yet have an affiliate program, or who are trying one for the very first time.

I believe Mr. Reed reacted hastily and with undeserved anger toward our company. We would have much rather assisted him in success online rather than spending this much time defending ourselves.

Also, we do not hide our contact info as our processor, PowerPay, posts our phone number on each client's credit card statement.

Thank you for your time.

Yours truly,
Diane Sullivan
Personal Assistant to Justin Blake

Yep, it certainly looks as though Greg reacted rudely. Surely the smart thing to do, though, would have been to give a quick refund and avoid ill will and bad publicity.
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Wed May 10, 2006 11:28 am

AllanGardyne wrote:Yep, it certainly looks as though Greg reacted rudely.

But to his credit he mentioned it himself first in this thread. Was it really necessary to quote his words here?

Anyone who tries to embarass their cutomers in a forlorn attempt to save face (if not a refund) is off my Xmas card list. Why help them do their dirty work?

Surely the smart thing to do, though, would have been to give a quick refund and avoid ill will and bad publicity.

Another case of "policy before logic"?

It's a common problem with "support". Even when you're polite and not asking for a refund.

Just a thought,

P.S. Have you actually had the refund yet, Greg?
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Fri May 12, 2006 9:30 pm

I was not attempting to embarass Mr. Reed by quoting his words. Instead I was demonstrating how he attacked our company before ever attempting to resolve the issue peacefully.

I disagree that the "smart thing to do" would've been to issue a refund and avoid bad publicity. I also strongly disagree that we are doing any "dirty work" at all.

Our company has a good, solid website, we have highly trained staff, our system works, and we work really hard seven days a week. Our goal is to help people be successful, and our dilligence is paid off by the amount of checks we send to our members every month.

Thank you once again for listening.
Diane Sullivan
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Sat May 13, 2006 8:43 am

Diane Sullivan wrote:Thank you once again for listening.

The problem is, what is the "ignorant, neutral world" hearing?

Most of us are never really going to know the exact details of what happened, or care. How right or deserving one party is, is hardly relevant. Now it's here, it's all about "after taste".

What are you trying to achieve, why, and how do you go about it? What if everyone could come away happy, without anyone feeling they'd given in?

What sort of after taste would that leave?

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Thanks for your comments

Mon May 15, 2006 11:04 am

I appreciate your comments. Thanks to the 273 viewers todate.

As I mentioned these views are purely my own. Your experience with Justin and his group maybe totally different.

For your sake I hope it is.

And with that if you feel confident about Justin and his products, please sign up.

Unfortunately some people act aggressively when they feel ripped off. I'm one of those.

However I believe Dianne could have also handled herself better. Her arrogance to my response immediately insighted me further.

I've had incidents with some other companies ( not many) and they have been most helpful.

There's an old saying in retail " the buyer is always right" While this is hard to swallow as a provider of a product or service, it sometimes stops this kind of aftermath.

Finally while everybody is allowed to express their views Allan your comments need to be even keeled. You have earnt affiliate commission from me. Don't burn the too many hands that feed you.
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Other Forum Replies

Tue May 16, 2006 12:21 am

After reviewing comments made in this forum I checked some other forums where I posted this message about Justin Blake.

On Self Starters Weekly Tips I received a reply from a disgruntled Justin Blake affiliate who signed up for the same program as I did.

He upgraded to the $97/mth system and after his evaluation thought it wasn't worth it.

he asked for a reply.

Surprise surprise!!! NO RESPONSE and therefore NO REFUND!

And affiliate providers/managers have the audacity to complain that paying customers are rude!
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Re: Thanks for your comments

Tue May 16, 2006 9:05 am

globalbizz wrote:Finally while everybody is allowed to express their views Allan your comments need to be even keeled.

They seemed pretty balanced to me. As I said, none of "us" know the real facts.

Allan gave you the chance to complain on here, so it's only right to allow the other side a hearing too. (Every time I've complained about something, others have argued. What did you expect here?)

Many people running a forum like this would hesitate to allow "complaints" to be posted at all. Not because there aren't legitimate cases, but because it's often impossible to seem fair to everyone. It's a quagmire many people feel they can live without.

As posters, we're all essentially Allan's guests at the end of the day, I reckon.

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Thu May 25, 2006 9:01 am

Hi I too have fallen fowl of the harse and abrupt Diane. I foolishly paid the $97 thinking that these 2 guys Justin Blake and Charles Ryder had been around long enough and were honest enough to stick by their guarantee. but so far I cant get past Diane and she is no longer replying to my support query see:
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Thu May 25, 2006 7:36 pm

Same here. I asked for my account to be cancelled and charges reversed.

I was told: "Your account will be cancelled, but a reversal of charges in not possible as you did not fulfil the requirements of a refund approval. You will have access to your account until the end of your billing cycle."

I was scammed like many others.

Quote from web site:
Here's Our Iron-Clad, No Weasel Clauses, 100% 90 Day Guarantee!
We are sticking our necks out for you on this one. If after 90 days you are not making $1057.50 a month or more then we will refund every penny of the cost to get started, no questions asked.

If this system does not do everything we say it does, then we do not expect you to pay a dime to get started. That's fair, isn't it?

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Fri May 26, 2006 2:16 am

Me too. I also signed up for the Pro Membership and proceeded to receive a string of emails from Justin and Charles about some sort of war they were having and a brawl they were going to have in a back alley - seriously.

Day after day these emails arrived and when I'd had enough I complained that I felt they were unprofessional. My words were "I expected professional advice from professional business men. All I'm getting is absolute dribble from a couple of stupid boys".

I requested a refund and got a very rude reply from you guessed it, Diane. No refund, no nothing. In fact, she berated me for not using the system correctly.

I actually spoke with someone from another division on the phone and he was not only horified but going to do something about it. That was over a week ago and guess what - nothing has happened.

You read so many stories of people spending hundreds of dollars on useless products, becoming despondent and then don't go any further with Affiliate marketing. I can sympathise but I'm not going to let 'a couple of stupid boys' stop me. I'm a middle aged woman with a goal!

Thanks for listening. :x
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reply from "the abrupt Diane"

Wed May 31, 2006 11:27 pm

Hello, glad for the opportunity to reply.

Our sales letter clearly states that we are not a get rich quick scheme, that our product will take time and effort, and that if after 90 days of using our system, if we can't make you $1057.50 in residual income, we'll give you all three months of payments back.

None of the people who are complaining here used the system, spent any time on it, followed the directions, or used the system for 90 days.

So I must ask, why are they expecting refunds? If I sign up for Cable Internet access, and I don't use it for two months, then ask for a refund because I didn't use it, the answer would be no.

I know our system works, because I send the checks out at the end of every month. And you know who is making money? Well, I'll give you one guess. Surprise! It's the people who use the system, listen to the directions, and actually work instead of spending their time complaining in forums.

The bottom line is that me, Justin, and Charles work here seven days a week. We offer complete coaching along with everything you need to start. We say right on our sales letter that it's going to take time and work to make our system work.

If we were "scam artists" there would be no ticket system for people to reference, we wouldn't be working seven days a week, and we wouldn't be sending checks out every month to our members (and I don't mean JV partners, I am talking about newbies), and I wouldn't be here defending our company.

If people choose to sign up regardless of the information in our sales letter, then cancel because they haven't made any sales, and I can look at their account history and the ticket system and see they've never even followed directions, nor have they used me for coaching or customer support, then they are just out of luck.

The people who work make money. The people who complain don't. I'm sure this sounds harsh, but these people are adults. If they don't want to use what they paid for, there is nothing I can do to help them.

I get compliments every week for people who are grateful that they finally found a company with real people, not autoresponders, running it. If you think that I am hiding anything, or misrepresenting our company, go ahead and send a ticket to and see how fast I respond. If it's a question I don't know the answer to, Justin or Charles will personally answer it.

Thank you once again for allowing us to reply.
Diane Sullivan
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reply to "street alley brawl"

Wed May 31, 2006 11:36 pm

Dear Readers;

I did forget to reply to the person complaining about the "street alley brawl".

It was not a brawl, it was a promotion that apparently was taken too seriously.

Tellman Knudson recruited us to do this promotion for him, and it was a chance for people to get involved in a phone call whereby Justin and Charles had to answer timed questions about Internet Marketing.

It was a way to get free information to people without having to go through a website. The information that was given was how to make money on the Internet if you have no website, no money, and no idea on a product.

The phone conference was also free, by the way.
Diane Sullivan
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Thu Jun 01, 2006 11:18 am

Diane, the fact that you don't refund speaks volumes to me.
I am not a serial refunder and very seldom requested one. In the past, I just ate the cost but I have come to learn that I don't want to pay for junk when the best thing is the sales letter.
I no longer have any compunction if the product is less than the hype of the sales letter.
I don't know whether your product is the one thing that will propel someone to internet fame and riches or if it's crap. I am not implying your product is crap because I have no knowledge.

The analogy to the cable provider is not a good one. From the gist of what I read, it didn't seem the poster used your product for 2 months and wanted his money back. It seemed that he bought, saw what was offered and felt it didn't meet his needs.

The customer's behavior is irrelevant to the refund request. It seems
I'd recommend he does a chargeback since he has given you the opportunity to work with him.
Refunds are a part of the business. It is sometimes better to give someone their money back than to create bad publicity. The cost to the merchant is usually less.
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