Article posting to blogs or HTML pages? Which One?

Thu Mar 09, 2006 10:33 am

I have been getting very creative on some of my current Wordpress blogs and now that I have a few setup, I will be working on posting more articles to them.

I have always been extremely curious to know if posting my articles to blogs will benefit me in the same way as posting articles as an html webpage on my site when considering SEO. If both reside on my server and both have the same navigational panel, wouldn't the blog pick up visitors from the SE alot quicker and be more intuitive for my visitors to comment?

I have had a great deal of success posting articles to my blog and driving PR and traffic upstream. It seems that the SE's pickup these articles alot quicker than standard HTML pages. Do I even need to worry about posting the same articles from my blog to a static HTML page too? Would there be any benefits to posting articles twice like this if your blogs navigation works just like your website?

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Thu Mar 09, 2006 11:27 am

As far as the SE's are concerned, a blog is just another web page. There isn't any difference between a blog and a regular html web page.

Why blogs get noticed faster comes from several factors.

1) When you post to your blog, a ping is sent to a server (or two several) notifying them of a new post.
2) Blogs are often updated more frequently due to their nature.
3) Blogs had feeds on them by default. This lets folks read your content easier.
4) Blogs support commenting and trackbacks, so people can leave notes about your pages.

There are some other reasons too... but those 4 cover most of it.

So, I would go one or the other. A blog or a standard website. Either one works, and either one will get you good rankings if you pay attention to what your doing, and write some good articles.
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Thu Mar 09, 2006 10:59 pm

I have 4 large web sites and since i started with blogs ill never go back to regular web sites .

Web sites take forever to rank . One of my web sites ( 200 pages all articles ) took over a year and im getting barely 50 visitors a day .

on the other hand one of my blogs is getting 600 visitors a day , 50 pages and it took only 2 1/2 months .

Ive been doing this for years and believe me , right now search engines prefer blogs . from my experiance .
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Thu Mar 09, 2006 11:42 pm


Thank you for your feedback. I share the same experience as well. Even though I have used my blogs to post primarily articles from the main website they stem from, I have noticed that my PR and pages get indexed alot faster than my HTML pages.

My main webpages have taken over 4 months just to get indexed whereas my blog pages only take around a month. Fast results and a fraction of the time to post articles as well.
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Fri Mar 10, 2006 1:58 am

absolutly ,

good point , web sites take forever to build especially if your doing them manually with dreamweaver ...etc.
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Fri Mar 10, 2006 12:14 pm

A lot depends on niche. Blog vs regular website makes no difference. One of my websites turns 1 year old next month. 23,000 unique visitors a month, 1300 unique visitors a day.

All of my traffic is free. 10-15% comes from a banner rotation on one website. The rest is SE traffic (and links from related sites).

And it is a "traditional" style website.

I have blogs over 3 years old that get maybe 300 unique visitors a month.

Blogs can be easier to post to, but a traditional webpage can be just as easy if you have the right tools.
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Sat Apr 01, 2006 8:28 am

While building a website , you have a structure in mind and maybe you have better contreol over how you organize a website content-wise; Blogs I believe are relatively unorganized; But i've got to hear it from people who succeed with thier blogs. I use both blogs and websites to cross-promote articles, pages and external Links.

If somebody chips in with thier blog-success story, it'll help a lot.. :wink:
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Sun Apr 02, 2006 4:16 pm

HI Mikedom and anyone else with successful blogs
Do you use blogger for your blogs that are getting found quickly by the SE's? Or are you using your own domain with Wordpress or some other blog format?
When you do a blog on your own domain with wordpress does it ping the servers letting them know that new content was added?

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Sun Apr 02, 2006 8:31 pm

I use several methods and formats., (two free CMS systems) and blogger.

And a static website, just for kicks. :)

In my situation, it hasn't mattered where the sites are... the niche and popularity of that niche is the more important.

However, some systems are easier to publish to than others.
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Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:34 pm

Blog posts will always be the latest content: there is a limit to the value you can give a short comment about someone else's work. These assignments are good at creating controversy and short-term traffic, and they are fairly easy to write. But they do not build sustainable value.
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Thu Jul 07, 2011 9:48 pm

David Morris, your last post was almost two years late. But this one is five years late! I just hope you're not expecting any productive answers.

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