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Mon Dec 26, 2005 7:34 pm

Can anyone tell me what type of experiences they have had with the Emserve company out of Orem, UT. I purchased 6 affiliate websites from them and cannot get they to do anything. The 6 sites are Jewelry Adornment, Tekmeds Online Pharmacy, Simply Splendid Gift Baskets, SabreTrade Stock Market Analysis, 6 Day Auction Program, and SatDeal - Dish Network Satellites. I am afraid that this company is re-routing my orders and sales so that they go directly to them and do not show up on my commissions and order tracking even though I show thousands of hits to my webpages per their tracking software. I have also have very little success with getting them to fix the problems that I have with thier software. I would appreciate any information anyone has concerning this company.
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I think they are a scam

Wed Jan 18, 2006 10:27 pm

I was researching MServe because I was contacted by them for a business opportunity just like you were. I searched the web today and found that there is alot of stuff out there regarding their business practices and not delivering what they promote (although Utah's Consumer Protection has no complaints filed against them).

Good Luck getting help or a refund.
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Tue Jul 11, 2006 5:58 am

This company is a supreme rip-off, do not do any business whatsoever with them, they stole almost $500 from me through my credit card, buyer beware!
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Fri Jan 05, 2007 10:26 pm

MSERVE or Electronic Marketing Services

I have been scammed by this company on several occasions, and after some research and some talking to their ?customer service? department, I've found out quite a bit about them, BUYERS BEWARE!!!

This company is owned by a company called Electronic Marketing Services
This company claims to do customer service for online businesses... which they also own.

After spending some time with some unknowing customer service employees, and asking questions, I think I have found all the programs this company is dealing with:
6 Day Auction www.6dayauction.com
24 Hour Nurse Hotline www.24hournursehotline.com
Blue Institute www.blueinstitute.com
Buy Homes 4 Half www.buyhomes4half.com
EPro Auction www.e-proauction.com
Federal Grants Network www.federalgrantsnetwork.com
Googad www.googad.com
Health Savings Association www.healthsavingsassociation.com
Jewelry Adornments www.jewelryadornments.com
The Inverse Purchase Real Estate Training (John Alexander) www.jarealestatetraining.info
Money Resource Network www.moneyresourcenetwork.com
Paid 2 Shop Network www.paid2shopnetwork.com
Real Estate Investors Kit www.realestateinvestorskit.com
Real Estate Invesment Resource www.realestateinvestmentresource.com
Sabretrade www.sabretrade.com
Simply Splendid Gift Baskets www.simplysplendid.com
Stock Pro Investors Kit www.stockproinvestorskit.com
Tekmeds www.tekmeds.com

There may be more that I have missed, so be wary of anything that sounds like one of these programs.

I don?t know about all of these sites, just the few I signed up for, but in speaking to customer service, what I got was that basically for most of these, you sign up for a free kit with information on a topic you have some interest in maybe doing some business in, and all you pay is shipping and handling. After you've already paid for it, you get a notice saying you also have a free trial that if you don't cancel in 10 days, you'll be billed $49.95, and then $49.95 again each month after that!!! They count the day you sign up, so 9 days after the day you ordered the kit, you're billed if you haven't canceled, and it?s not at the end of the day either, it?s right after it becomes the ninth day, somewhere in the wee hours of the morning, so there is no chance in hell you can avoid being billed if you didn?t cancel by the 8th day after sign up. If you happen to go back to the previous advertising pages, at the very bottom, there is a little link that says ?Terms & Conditions? that if you click on and read, it does say you will be billed the $49.95. But nowhere else on the pages is it open and upfront about how much it costs or that you will be billed until after they already have your credit card number.

Now, they say that the kit contains separate information not needed to use the trial online. Well, it's true that you don't need the kit, but not because it contains separate information. But because the kit contains a bogus, sometimes even blank CD, that even if you can get it to work, it contains the same training information as the trial web site, and some of them I never even got.

I had signed up for a few of these sites and started to notice a pattern in their business practice, and that was how I discovered the companies were one in the same. From the sites I used I found that the sites did contain some useful information, but nothing I?m willing to pay $49.95 each month for, or even once. If you?re smart you could copy all the information during the trial period and keep it for yourself then cancel before your trial is over, but again be careful. They will tell you that they have canceled your account and give you a confirmation code, but sometimes your account isn?t really canceled and they?ll tell you it was a system error. Some of the sites offer services, like EPro and Blue Institute, where they offer products you can sell on your own site or on ebay. Sometimes you can find great deals, but most of the time you can get the products for less at your local wal-mart store, and they claim to be giving you the wholesale price. Then, when you go out of your way to actually try to make the program work, EPro won?t connect to ebay, or you can?t order from Blue institute. You call customer service to inquire about it, and they tell you it?s a system upgrade, or they will look into the situation and get things fixed asap. They?ll offer you free use for several months to make it up to you, but what good is free time, when it doesn?t work? I waited 5 weeks for EPro to work and kept hearing ?It?ll be fixed any day now,? and as far as I know, it probably still doesn?t work. The other sites offer just as little value.

As far as the affiliate sites go, I didn't purchase any cause I guess you have to do that over the phone, but I looked at the sites, and all the products are too expensive, or just plane suck, and the sites look like garbage too.

The sites promise help in various ways, and instruct that if you have any questions you need answered, there is a dedicated and fully knowledgeable staff on hand that you can call to receive any help you may need. The staff is a bunch of people in India or the Philippines, who you can barely understand, and whether or not they know what they are talking about is anyone?s guess as they speak very broken english. Every time you call it?s like having to solve a math problem just to decipher their thought process. Sometimes when they don?t understand what you said, or they don?t know how to respond (could be either or both) they?ll just repeat themselves and talk about the terms and conditions and how you agreed to it, even when you?re just asking for help on how to apply for a grant. Now, I don?t mean to be rude, but some are better than others, but it makes you wonder if they train these people at all, or just throw them on the phone with a couple of scripts in front of them that they read over and over continuously in an attempt to tire the customer into giving up.

If you get billed you have 7 days to get your money back, supposedly without question, but you have to go through sales pitches left and right to get it. They say they?ll give you a refund, and you get off the phone. They tell you it will be 10-14 business days. So you wait, but it never comes. You call back, they apologize for the delay, and assure you any day now. I think that this is also an attempt to get you to give up. The only surefire way it seems to get your money back, is to threaten to take it to the Attorney General or take other legal avenues. Even after threatening this on one of the programs, I still did not get my money back, until I actually took the time to write the Attorney General and explained what was happening, after that, I finally saw the return of my money along with some bogus explanation of why it had taken so long, and that it was basically my fault because I didn?t ask for the refund the first time I canceled (that was because I had no idea I had yet been billed).

This company doesn?t care about helping you make money, and why would they? Why would anyone want to share secrets on how to get rich? Rich people don?t help other people get rich, it?s would flood the market making it impossible for them to stay increasingly rich. The reason they are rich is because they are taking that money from us, people who are dumb enough to believe that there are people out there who will help us get a leg up. DON?T fall for any of the promises this company makes, they don?t care about you, all they care about is making themselves money, if you?ve been scammed and can?t get your money back, take it to the Attorney general in your state, or in Utah, (their state).
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