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Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:06 pm

Hi. I run the No. 1 true ghost stories site on the web and would love some tips on how to best monetize my site so that I can become self employed via it. The site gets around 900-1000 uniques per day, and I earn around £80.00 per month with Adsense (not nearly enough to become self employed). I also use Amazon, but the earnings from those links are worse again than Adsense!

So, come on, all you experts - how can I boost my earnings from my true ghost stories site?

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Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:27 am

Hi Scousero, You've built a good site but I think there's probably a lot of untapped potential, especially considering the traffic you're already getting.

Here are 5 things you could consider.

1. You may be trying to hard.

Pretend you're a first-time visitor to your home page. You've arrived looking for ghost stories. But what do you see? All sorts of things. Yes, I understand you want to sell those things, but it's all a bit confusing - too many choices.

The site may work better if you fill most of your main page with interesting promos for your best ghost stories.

Aim to get your readers engaged and interested and in a good mood about your site because it is providing what they came for. If you do that, they may become interested in learning about the other things you have to offer.

2. You could improve your website navigation.

You own a content site, not a sales site. I reckon the best approach with a content site is to encourage your readers to spend time on your site reading your content. The more pages they visit, they more likely they are to click on one of your AdSense links.

However, your navigation does the exact opposite. I think you're trying to trap them into clicking on an ad. Maybe that's intentional and the technique may work for some affiliates, but if it's not working for you, stop doing it.

For example, imagine you're a first-time visitor and you've clicked on a link on your home page and arrived at the page on Doris Stokes...

OK. Imagine you've read the article. Where do you click to find more articles to read? There's no link.

I think you need a "Best Ghost Stories" or "Scary Ghost Stories" or whatever section in your nav bar, so that your visitors can easily find more ghost fascinating stories, and go deeper into your site.

3. At the end of the Doris Stokes article, you're missing a good opportunity. Yes, you have images of books, but it would probably work better if had a two-sentence enthusiastic description of each book, with a link to Amazon.

As an affiliate, your job is to help your visitor decide what to buy. If you just show people a photo of a book, you're not doing your job.

So give them compelling reasons why they should get the book, for example, because it's a fascinating, gripping and you couldn't put it down, or whatever.

Also, I'd never tell people than can "buy" something. "Buy" reminds them they're spending money. I'd tell them they can "get" the book. And I wouldn't write in CAPITAL LETTERS, because studies have shown they're more difficult to read, unless you use them vary sparingly.

4. You could experiment with placing AdSense ads so that your articles wrap around them.

5. Once you've fixed your navigation and got your readers visiting more of your pages, your big challenge is going to be adding links to some related topics (Halloween, Psychic Readings, and Tarot Readings, perhaps?) that advertisers buy lots of ads for. You'll need to do some serious keyword research for that. And then write lots of keyword-rich articles on those related, money-generating topics, and place internal links to those pages.

Anyone else have ideas on good related topics? That's where the money could be hidden. ;)

Hope that helps more than it confuses.
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