Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:05 pm

Hi Dave,

The best way to promote your casino site is to use both free and paid advertising.

Here is a small list of the things that you can do to bring as much traffic to your site as possible.

Banner advertising
Email marketing on other people's list.
Article marketing
video marketing
Forum postings
Post your comments on other blogs.
Press release.

These are just a few.

I would focus more on paid advertising because it has the most potential to get your lots of traffic each and every day.

Plus, you will also want to create your own affiliate program where your affiliates can earn a percentage of your sales.

Doing this will increase your income and get you a lot of free traffic from your affiliates.
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Fri May 13, 2011 9:18 am

Put Unique Content . Than do promotions in good directories for :

Book Marking
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Tue May 17, 2011 3:57 pm

Articles and social bookmarks worked pretty good for me so far.
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Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:39 am

If you want to promote then you can social network promoting,Rss feed & email subscription.We can also leaving comments on other people blogs and site.
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Tue Aug 09, 2011 1:40 am

Go where your market is. Target forums, social networks and other communities in your niche. General promotion, especially for what you're promoting just won't work. You have to find people who really want to hear about these topics.
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Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:13 pm

:D :D Learn how to use this system that can easily earn you $10,000 a week.
It's basically just reading a bit, watching a few video's and copying and pasting..

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Tue Aug 30, 2011 5:35 am

You want to promote your blog than you can add

1.article submission,
2.Blog comments.
3.Forum posting.
4.Social media optimization.
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Mon Sep 19, 2011 10:40 am

If you want to promote website than you can daily update your profile and try to increase traffic on website.You can add some seo off page seo method to increase traffic.When we get backlink than our website will be promote.
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Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:21 am

Some of the best of promotion:
1.Keyword Research
2.RSS feeds
3.Link building
4.Publish Press Releases
5.Publishing articles
6.Update content.
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Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:18 am

The content is really the king> if you are not doing the above mentioned techniques and still focusing on content marketing, you can still get a huge amount of traffic for your site> the Search Engines will also love your efforts, and the chances of getting your site ranked will increase
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Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:40 am

In my opinion best option to promote a blog is blogroll exchange, you can also ping your blog on too many site in few seconds.
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