Where to Submit my site?

Fri May 06, 2005 7:42 am

can anyone tell me where I can submit my site to get direct links. I mean the link directories and link sites.
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Fri May 06, 2005 11:07 am

Here's a list of places you can submit
Not working are the ones I found when I was submiting not sure if they are working now

http://search.netpei.com [ID Directory] Not working
http://www.click4choice.com [ID Directory]
http://www.josh.nu [ID Directory]
http://www.landoflinks.com [ID Directory]
http://www.lii.org [ID Directory]
http://www.linkopedia.com [ID Directory]
http://www.onebigdirectory.com [ID Directory]
http://www.qango.com [ID Directory]
http://www.quincyweb.net/ [ID Directory]
http://www.searchking.com/ [ID Directory]
http://www.webmasterschannel.com [ID Directory]
http://dir.yahoo.com [Real Link]
http://search2.msn.fr/suggestions/ch/ [Real Link]
http://submit.search.yahoo.com/free/request [Real Link] http://submitit.bcentral.com/msnsubmit.htm [Real Link]
http://www.aeiwi.com [Real Link]
http://www.altavista.com [Real Link]
http://www.buzzle.com/suggest_basic3.asp [Real Link]
http://www.cantufind.com/ [Real Link]
http://www.directory-search.org [Real Link]
http://www.dmoz.org [Real Link]
http://www.exactseek.com/ [Real Link]
http://www.gigablast.com [Real Link]
http://www.gimpsy.com [Real Link]
http://www.hoppa.com [Real Link]
http://www.itzalist.com [Real Link]
http://www.joeant.com [Real Link]
http://www.listingsus.com/ [Real Link]
http://www.localpin.com [Real Link]
http://www.localsites.ca [Real Link]
http://www.mavicanet.com [Real Link]
http://www.myallfish.com [Real Link]
http://www.netinsert.com [Real Link]
http://www.onemission.com [Real Link]
http://www.pharos-search.com [Real Link]
http://www.phatoz.com [Real Link]
http://www.plugitin-now.com [Real Link]
http://www.quit-smoking.net/links.html [Real Link]
http://www.searchtheweb.com/ [Real Link]
http://www.seekon.com [Real Link]
http://www.surfpoint.com/ [Real Link]
http://www.surfsafely.com/ [Real Link]
http://www.thedirectorysite.com/ [Real Link]
http://www.thisisouryear.com [Real Link]
http://www.topdepo.com [Real Link]
http://www.townnet.com [Real Link]
http://www.web-beacon.com [Real Link]
http://www.websavvy.cc [Real Link]
http://www.webworldindex.com [Real Link]
http://www.wotbox.com [Real Link]
http://www.xoron.com/ [Real Link]
http://www.yeandi.com [Real Link]
http://www.zeal.com [Real Link]

Varun Pratap
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Fri May 06, 2005 4:25 pm

varunpratap wrote:Here's a list of places you can submit

[Excessive quoting of previous post deleted. Admin.]

Thank you a lot "varunpratap". I will follow your path:)
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link exchange

Mon May 16, 2005 10:35 pm

link exchange partners are welcome .

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Thu Jun 02, 2005 12:42 pm

i found a usefull list of directorys listed by alphabetical order , i wont paste them all but here are a few beginning with the letter s

Most of these sites are free but some require a link back
hope this helps
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Wed Jun 08, 2005 6:53 am

Nice list. Thanks for sharing. Also, take a look at the list that I have compiled for my website. It contains links directly to the url submission page of each search engine:

[URL deleted - Moderator]
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Wed Jun 22, 2005 8:35 pm

Thanks too. I put this list on my bookmark.
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